The Unwritten Rule

Isn't there a rule somewhere in some unnamed book that states that 'Mother's, especially single mothers, don't get sick'?  I'm sure there is.  Unfortunately for me, that rule has been broken this weekend.

I started feeling sick on Friday night.  The basic cold/flu symptoms.  I took an obscene amount of vitamin C in hopes that I could remain a functioning human being on Saturday.  I had an office and a house to clean, laundry to complete and work at the temple.

Saturday morning came and I could barely roll out of bed despite sleeping for nine hours which is some sort of record for me.  I don't get opportunities like that to sleep very often.  I took another obscene amount of vitamin C with a large dose of ibuprofen as a chaser and did everything I needed to do.  By Saturday night, I crashed.  I thought, surely I would feel better today.  With colds, the first two days are usually the worse but after that, it's more annoying than anything.  Not my luck.

I feel worse today! Ugh...I hate being sick. I feel like I have the mumps.  My neck is so sore, not to mention I am drowning in congestion.  Nice right?  Being sick is such a waste of time and so unproductive.

Saturday night, I brewed me up a big pot of Antioxidant soup.  It sounds disgusting but it's really pretty good.  I was trying to cram as many vitamin filled vegetables as I could into one serving.  I started with a base of crushed tomatoes.  I added broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, celery, red peppers and red onions. I seasoned with tons of garlic, chili powder and black pepper.  I simmered that for an hour or two and have been noshing on that.  It feels good on my sore throat and it's my subliminal way of taking care of myself which is another thing that rarely happens.

Life has been tough the past few months, I guess my body is saying it just needs a break.  If I was nice, I would give it a break but I just can't do that.  If I give in to this virus, then I won't be able to work this week and if I don't work this week, we don't eat anything other than Antioxidant soup and believe me now, here my children screaming later, if I make them eat that all week!  They wouldn't even touch it with a 10 foot spoon!  They can't even stand the smell of it.  They are 'allergic' to vegetables!  So, here's to breaking up with Viruses...I'm done!



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