A few more Wish Pics

Here are a few more wish pics!  I posted them on Facebook but want to have them here too.

Spencer and Jimmy Fallon!  Okay, obviously not the real Jimmy but he gave the kids a really nice gift and Spencer got an autographed photo!  It was amazing!

My boys and Howard made it onto the Times Square Jumbo Screen! And Microsoft hooked them up with some sweet gifts!

This was a little extra we did- skating at Rockefeller Center. I mean, you can't go to New York and not skate at the Rock!

The famous LOVE Sculpture

This was Monday night, as the Hurricane rolled in.  The hotel was wonderful and they let us borrow a scrabble game they had to pass the hours we were stuck in our room.  We were so blessed to have never lost power while all around us, they were not so lucky!

Finally, we needed to mark this exceptional trip with a Muppet! We headed to FAO Shwartz on our last night and when they finally opened back up after the Hurricane days, and made our very own Muppet.  We got to choose all the parts and pieces!  Howard made one too!  We named ours Sandy Seemore.  Sandy, after Hurricane Sandy and Seemore because we got to see more of NYC!!

Everytime I look at these pictures, I smile.  It felt so good to see the kids without a worry in the world and the hurricane, well, that was just another adventure!


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