The Weird and Wacky

Do you believe that history repeats itself?  I'm not sure but this week as I have been nursing Shelbie back to health, I recognized a new symptom.  Well, I guess it's an old symptom that has been gone for years but suddenly showed up again and boy, is it weird and wacky! 

Yawning.  Yep, chronic yawning.  She even yawns when she is sleeping. The yawning is continuous at times.  When it's happening, she is nauseated, dizzy and jittery.  When it first started earlier in the week, I didn't think much of it until yesterday when the yawning and nausea were out of control.  I gave her Zofran for the nausea but we just couldn't get ahead of it.  Heart palpitations started too.  Last night, I realized that this was the same thing Shelbie dealt with years ago from ages 6-10 off and on.  She would get so panicked when it happened saying that she felt like she couldn't breathe.  For the life of me, I can't remember what we did to fix it back then.  Actually, I don't think I did anything back then and it disappeared just as mysteriously as it came. 

Last night, I was a little worried that such a strange symptom was back.  I really hope it doesn't last 4 years like last time.  Back then, I didn't have the Google know how I have now so I did a search on 'chronic yawning'.  It can actually be a serious thing  and a sign of stuff like heart problems or guess what else...that dang cranial nerve!  Sound familiar?  Spencer has cranial nerve problems so do you think this is just some weird coincidence or something bigger brewing?  Hard to say but regardless, I will be watching her like a hawk.  All this week, I've been getting up in the night to check on her, make sure she is still breathing and what not.  It's pitch dark but I stand over her bed and try to hear her breathing and watch her by the faint light from the street lamp outside.  One time, she happened to be awake and after a few minutes, scared me by saying, "What are you doing?"  It was kind of funny but you had to be there.   

When Shelbie went to bed last night, she was really frustrated with her yawning and said, "Hey mom, next time you talk to one of our invisible doctors, maybe mention that I can't stop yawning and see if maybe they want to do something about it."  It was totally sarcastic but full of truth.  No matter how many voice messages and emails I have sent our doctors, multiple doctors, none of them have bothered to get back to me on Spencer.  It's like they fired us as their patients and that feels really weird to just be hanging out here without any support.

This afternoon, Shelbie is finally starting to see the light of day as Meningitis is starting to subside from her infusion.  This has been a rough infusion!  The day of was miserable and breakdown in communication between the hospital and the doctor's office left her over 2 hours without any relief from the extreme pain she was in. I finally bypassed all of them and came home to get some medication we had here.  The nurse wasn't thrilled that I gave it to her without checking first but I didn't care.  It was the same medication we were waiting on the doctor for. It was a horrible sight to watch her thrashing around on the bed.  Once we got the right medication on board, things settled down a bit and she was able to sleep for a couple of hours. The whole ordeal lasted longer too, 10 hours because they had to keep stopping it so she could get on top of the pain and nausea.  The last two months have gone so well so this sort of caught us off guard.  


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the infusion was so hard. We are keeping your family in our prayers.


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