Rocco Baldelli

Have you heard about the Major League baseball player named Rocco Baldelli?  You can read about his story by following this link.
Baldelli is a now, 29 year old with Mitochondrial Disease.  His story caught my attention on many levels.  I think the article is well written.  I hear lots of stories about kids dying from Mitochondrial disease but rarely do I read a story about someone living out their dream.  It's not been easy for Rocco and he has had to retire because of his health problems but what a great example he is of someone who didn't give up living. The multiple injuries he has sustained rang a bell for me as I think about my kids.  Spencer has had so many breaks that were a result of something so simple as kicking a soccer ball.  Sam, most recently rolled his ankles while running and he still has a hard time walking, even two weeks later.  They are easily injured and slow to heal.

The article does a good job of explaining how debilitating some days can be and how normal others are.  That's exactly what we face on a day to day basis.  We can't predict when a bad day will happen but when it does, it's clearly a bad day.  The fatigue is overwhelming.  The weakness, nausea and pain can overcome even the strongest person.  Spencer is just now recovering from his long setback with the steroids and then the mito crash. 

Rocco Baldelli gives me hope.  I know that he doesn't have a serious form of mitochondrial disease right now but I appreciate that he is trying to educate people more about the disease that is so often misunderstood.  I am living and witnessing three kids with some form of the disease and some days, even I still don't get it.  It is a disease that even doctors are still becoming familiar with. Thanks Rocco for making the world familiar with Mitochondrial disease.  I have had so many people come up to me this week to tell me they just heard about a baseball player with the same disease my kids have.  That's impressive.


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