Mysterious Petechiae

Well, I got Spencer into the doctor yesterday and he has Palantine Petechiae.  I had never in my life heard of that but as soon as the PA looked in his throat, he knew what it was.  Spencer's platelets checked out normal thank goodness.  The PA said that Palantine Petechiae usually preceeds a big bacterial infection like Strep throat or Mono.  We started antibiotics yesterday but he is not feeling great.  He tried to go snow boarding today but ended up coming home after lunch. 

Upon further reading, the petechiae usually starts 3 days before the onset of symptoms.  I am pretty surprised we have never experienced this before. It amazes how many new things we learn each day about this disease. 

Hopefully, the antibiotics will cover anything that could crop up.
Palatine Petechiae photo from


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