Can I just hit Delete?

If I delete my last post, take back all I said about things being so great...can I turn back time and the nonsense today will cease to exist?  Blech!

Shelbie woke up sick!  I guess it makes sense since we are a week and a half from infusion even though it feels like the last one was more than 6 months ago!  Stress has a way of making time drag!  Last night, my kids had friends over who only finished throwing up 24 hours ago, others who have been around all kinds of sick people at work.  No matter how many times I try to tell them stay away from sick people, it never works.

Then there's Spencer.  He's been complaining of a sore throat for a few days now.  I figured it was a little cold but when I look in his throat, there is absolutely no redness whatsoever, no sign of infection, he doesn't have a fever, achiness or any other symptom of a cold or otherwise. The pain is inside and stabbing and he feels pressure and fulness in his throat.  Then a new symptom has developed, a weird one.   He has lost his gag reflex.  Strange! 

Spencer is my kid who gags when he brushes his teeth.  Every morning, I can tell when he is brushing his teeth because he is up there coughing and gagging.  Last night, he demonstrated how he can stick his finger clear down his throat, past his Uvula, that little dangling thing, wag his finger back and forth and no gagging.  Weird. 

I jumped on my mito group and sent out an email asking if any other mito kids had experienced anything like it.  I did not like the answers that started rolling in just minutes later.  Lots!  Lots of people have experienced this in the mito world. One lady, who has confirmed mito said that she experience that and it was the dying of some cranial nerves! Another mom reported that her daughter experienced a loss of the gag reflex and it was her salivary glands dying off due to mito.  Oh my gosh...I hope beyond hope that this is not a mito problem.  I really hope it's just some random infection inside his tonsils that we can treat with a little pill of some sort! 

I also called out to our Neurologist in Seattle to see if he can give us some direction and this afternoon, we are off to the Ear, Nose, Throat doc.   Here we go...


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