Well, not good news from the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday.  Not good at all.  Spencer is not getting a cold, or tonsilitis, nor does he have strep throat.  He has a neuropathy.  What is a neuropathy?  As far as my simple mind understands, it is dying of the nerves.  The nerve that the doctor thinks is being damaged is the cranial nerve.

The cranial nerve is responsible for things like the gag reflex.  So, the million dollar question...what is causing the nerve damage?  He said it is one of two things.  One, it could be that there is an autoimmune process taking place that is attacking the nerve.  Two, it could be that the defective mitochondria is killing the nerve.  Theory one can be treated.  Theory two can not. 

We are trying the treatment for autoimmune/viral infections of the nerve which is a super, rockstar size dose of prednisone.  I hate prednisone!  It makes my kids turn into mean, angry people who feel sicker than before they started it.  We don't have a choice so the next 25 days are going to be interesting.

If the symptoms of pain and fullness subside, then it will confirm an autoimmune attack of the nerves and we make a plan from an immunology standpoint.  If the symptoms are not better, then we get a confirmed Mitochondrial problem for which there is no cure and it is progressive.

Of course, I am praying fiercely that it is just a virus or bacteria and the medication will work.  I always know that when we experience these little breaths of calm in our life like we have the last 3 or 4 weeks, it will be followed by a tornado of events that we never saw coming.  Kind of crazy. 

Spencer refuses to talk to me about how he's feeling, he just grumbles about how much he hates the doctor and the doctor is stupid and the doctor had no idea what he was talking about and, and, and which is a 17 year olds secret language that means...this sucks and I am scared and what if they can't fix me?


  1. Shoot! I will be praying that the medicine works. Gee whiz, it seems like you deserved a longer break than you got!


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