Picking Fights

You know what they say about picking fights...

I don't know what they say actually but I picked a fight I'm certain I can't win, and quite possibly set fire to a bridge that I happen to be standing on.  It may not end well but let's see.

It's me against the University of Utah Gastroenterology Division.  Our Neuro Immunologist sent a personal email to a GI doc last Tuesday, saying the that the kids really needed to be seen.  It happens to be her good friend so I assumed things would fall into place.

Today, the scheduling nurse called and told me that before she can make an appointment, just for Shelbie, I need to round up the past 10-12 years of medical records.  We are established patients of the GI department.  It's not our fault the doctor we had up and left her practice mid- exam.  She was an amazing doctor and we really liked her.  For the past two years, I've given up because the only option they offer us is to see a Fellow.  Fellow's never stick around for more than a few months so it seems awfully counter productive to see a new doc every time we go.

I tried to explain all this to the nurse today but she was far too argumentative to listen and insisted that I gather up records.  Anyways, it was a long and painful conversation and she refuses to schedule us.  Apparently, the doctor that was requested only sees patients who have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or POTS.  My kids are on the EDS spectrum for hypermobility and they have all been diagnosed with Dysautonomia and two of them with POTS.  She doesn't believe.  She kept saying, "Prove it!".  My response was, "You literally have every single medical record on the computer you are looking at.  Feel free to go back through it all and find that official diagnosis yourself.  I'm not tracking it down for you."

I hung up, called our Neuro doc and left a message for her nurse that GI is not complying.  I also called the Patient Relations and filed an official complaint with the hospital.  This will be the second time I've complained and I made it clear that I will not deal with the supervisor or the department manager.  We'll see what happens...this is usually when they nail the parent and if my kids were minor children, I would have never done that.  The squeaky wheel gets their children taken away. 

I can't believe the nightmare I have found myself in today.  I can't believe that one department of all the departments at the hospital, have completely different policies and procedures.  I can't believe that specialists today can be so micro specialized that they can refuse care to established patients.  It's so utterly upsetting and frustrating.  This is the very reason I had to check out this year.  I can't do this one more day but I know tomorrow, is another day that I will be forced to fight and keep fighting. What I fully expect is that we will have no choice but to find other providers outside of our network.  It's so unfair.


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