And That's My Long Story...Go Ahead and Laugh

It's been a raunchy few days around here.  Remind me to never take on a remodel task this big again!  But...the worst is over.  There's no way I could have done this without the help of my kids.  All of them.  By the time Friday rolled around, even Shelbie was cutting floors, putting in floors, laying out the planks.  It was all hands on deck.  Spencer had to leave mid afternoon on Friday so that was a sad goodbye.  I loved having all the kids back under my roof for the week and he did so much to help.

By the time we finished the floor on Friday, it was 9:45 pm.  None of us had eaten all day and I had been up since 5 that morning.  Around 3:30 that afternoon, I had a massive flare in my Ankylosing Spondylitis to the point I could hardly breathe because my ribs were so inflamed and so painful.  My knees had swollen to double in size.  It was awful but I knew I had to keep going to get the floor done. I can only handle disarray and clutter for so long and I was fed up with the mess.

10 minutes after we finished, the kids' and their friends started gathering on the sidewalk for fireworks that they bought.  I'm seriously anti- fireworks but I didn't want to ruin their fun...that is until one went rogue and shot straight out the side of the container it was in and flew between everyone sitting on the driveway and slammed into the garage door then burst into flames. Now I have an orange little dent in my door.  The thing didn't tip over, it just shot out the side.  Of course everyone scattered and freaked out.  I seriously contemplated shutting the night down but then I knew I didn't want to keep fireworks in my all, ever, so I let them finish.  Thank goodness I had closed the overhead door prior to starting the fireworks.  It's full of wood scraps and sawdust...full! And as the story unfolds, you will see that this was a major blessing in more ways than one.

It was the last straw!

I went for a drive around midnight to calm myself down then went home to bed.  I don't take medication very often, like maybe once a year.  The strongest thing I ever take is Advil but last night, I took something for anxiety, a muscle relaxer and 1200 mg of Ibuprofen for the extreme pain I was in.  That combination made me delirious.  At 2 am, I woke up starving so I stumbled to the kitchen, literally.  I was so dizzy and asleep on my feet.  We were still in a construction mess so I just grabbed the first bag of food which happened to be Doritos.  I went back to my room and that is the last thing I remember...except I woke up crying and there were Dorito crumbs everywhere!  In my bed, in my hair, on the floor, and an empty bag on the dresser!  Ha Ha!  I was all sorts of confused.  My face was covered in Dorito dust!! Covered!

It was another early morning because....

We discovered a leak in the dishwasher while doing the floor Friday night, but I couldn't shut the water valve off so I could replace the part that was broken.  The water valve seemed like it was welded shut.  I called around for advice on what to do and one guy said, "Just turn the water off at the water heater and that will keep the dishwasher from leaking all night and I'll come in the morning."

Well, I don't like messing with water heaters.  We've had two gas leaks from the water heater over the years, so I just put a bowl under the dishwasher for the night.   Plus, we've been smelling gas off and on all week.

So, I was expecting the plumber early.  I jumped in the shower to clean up my Dorito hair and I had no hot water! That's when I started crying! Again. He arrived a half hour early and  I explained my new problem.  He took a look and we figured there has been gas leaking due to a problem with a gas coupler or some such thing. So, we weren't crazy that we thought we smelled gas all week and would explain the fact we all had headaches all week long!  Terrible headaches!  The water heater is 15 years old so he suggested that the money I would spend in repairs would be better used on a new one.  I ran down to the plumbing store, stuffed a water heater in my car, half of it hanging out the back, and raced home.   He was so fast at fixing everything!  The water shut off valves were so corroded he had to replace the entire thing.  He said he had never seen anything so bad.

I was late in meeting a friend in the city who I had promised to help with accessory shopping for her girls bedrooms.  By the time I got home in the late afternoon, I had forgotten that not all of the dishwasher had been put back together, under the sink.  I pushed it back into place, screwed it back in and started a load.  I was standing at the sink disinfecting it when a water fall of hot water started pouring on my feet.  It was like Old Faithful bubbling out from under my sink!  Water was everywhere!  All over my brand new, not even a day old floor.  I threw open a drawer and pulled out every apron, hot pad, dish towel, table runner, try to get the water up!

So, that's been my day!  Another day of realizing how blessed we have been.  I am very certain that the gas was leaking at least all week but more so, the past two days.  The past couple of days, our dog has whined to get out of the house.  We had the door going out to the garage open as we were back and forth cutting wood all day and night and he would sneak out there and hide in the farthest corner.  I would find him and put him back on my bed and he would cry and whine and beg to go outside.  It was strange and I was getting irritated that he was so high maintenance when I needed to be working. He refused to stay in the house, for two days.

I remembered that with our last gas leak, when we were evicted from our home for two days until the gas company could fix it, Bentley was acting the very same way.   And...can you imagine if that rogue firework shot into my open garage with a gas leak on the other side of the wall?  And...I'm shocked we didn't die from carbon monoxide.  Sam told me tonight that the detector went off Wednesday when he was home alone and taking a nap.  He thought it was a dead battery problem with a smoke detector.  I'm so glad to get that stupid water heater replaced.  On Monday, I'll have the gas company come by and make sure we are in good shape.

It's been a completely disastrous and expensive day but we are all alive, and, I love my floors!  We still have to put all the baseboards back on, tile the fireplace and paint the kitchen cabinets but the worst is over.  I'm so happy with how it turned out and my little two bedroom charmer feels so peaceful and clean.


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