Bronchitis and more

Well, my little virus ended up to be a little more than I bargained for. 

Just before we left for Utah last Friday, I ran in to the urgent care clinic because I was feeling so much worse.  It was hard to breathe and it felt like my throat was covered in razor blades.  I knew that doing a wedding in the condition I was in would be impossible.  What I had hoped for was a shot a something and 24 hours later, it would be a thing of yesterday.

Turns out I have Bronchitis and some fluid in my lungs.  I honestly don't recall being so sick.  I got the wedding cakes baked Friday morning but could do nothing more.  By the time we left, we were driving in a blizzard, a horrible winter storm.  The usual 4.5 hour drive was edging into 6 hours.  I drove through 2.5 hours of the white out and then I had to have Sam drive the rest of the way.  I felt bad because it's not like he was feeling much better than me and I knew he was super tired but he didn't complain.  By the time we pulled up to the rental house where my Wasband and his Sister and Brother in law were staying, I was in horrible shape.  I couldn't breathe, I was just getting wheezing and whistling.  My Wasband was kind enough to follow Sam, to my hotel room.  They carried my bags up, gave me a blessing and then left me to sleep while they went to the family dinner.

I was so worried about getting the cake decorated but it all worked out.  Saturday morning, I was able to make it to the Venue and I finished the cake there.  I was so exhausted, Shelbie did the rest of the decorating for me and she did a great job!  I was able to rest before heading to the Temple for a beautiful sealing of my Nephew and his lovely bride.  I even made it to an hour or so of the reception before crashing back at my hotel room.

Chase and India

I really thought that I would improve each day but that has not been the case.  I have never been so extremely tired and worn out.  I didn't know such fatigue was even possible and still have a pulse.

Today, I had to pull it together.  Work has suffered.  Sam had to see the surgeon this afternoon.   I thought the colonoscopy was inevitable but our Surgeon, who has done several colonoscopies on Sam in the past feels confident that we can treat his GI bleed with medication.  While I would prefer to have the colonoscopy and make sure we aren't missing something terrible and awful, Sam would prefer not to go that route.  I respect his decision and feel okay with meds first. He's been on these meds countless times before and we did get good results so here's hoping it works again.  In three weeks, if the bleeding hasn't stopped, then we will schedule the colonoscopy.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with my orthopedic surgeon about fixing my shoulder.  If he is willing to do another injection, then I would be thrilled but if the situation is as problematic as my Rheumatologist believes, then I'll likely have to have surgery. Tomorrow will be another big day.  I hope I can survive the long day. 


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