Yellow Fever and More

It's been awhile since I mentioned how the kids are doing.  I was hoping that by not talking about it all the time, maybe things would settle down...I know, it sounds crazy and just so you know, it didn't work.

But, it's all good.   I'm on week 3 of weekly medical trips again.  This coming week, I will be making two round trips to Salt Lake, one for Sam on Thursday morning with a 7:45 am check in time and an appointment for Spencer on Friday afternoon.

Sam has been struggling with some old problems that first started last year.  We've done more imaging, more doctor visits locally but still no answers.  If he wasn't in such bad pain that knocks him down, I would let it ride but it's getting to the point where, whatever is going on just can't be ignored anymore. So, off to the urologist we go.

Spencer has been waiting weeks to see the Cardiologist.  He's got so many heart issues that just keep nagging at him.  Tachycardia is the big issue so it will be interesting to see what transpires from that.  In other big Spencer news, he is going to Africa next week!!  I probably don't need to waste words on how anxious I am about him leaving.  My son, with a horrible immune system, white cells that forget to react to infections and a marrow cells in the 20% range is going to a country with the most deadly infections.  I know how bad this sounds, but I'm already counting on him coming home sick.  If something in Ghana doesn't infect him, I'm sure the 20 hour plane ride breathing the leftover air of a hundred people, there or back will do the trick.

Tomorrow, he will be getting his immunizations for Yellow Fever and a couple of other diseases as well as a prescription for Malaria prevention.  The side effects for the immunizations can be rugged and last for 10 days or more, so I'll be praying for that to be minimal so he can at least feel the best he can while he is in Africa.  I could go on and on with him about why he shouldn't go but that would be going against everything I have tried to do in raising my kids.  I don't want this disease to hold them back, but man scares the crud out of me.  He has been hired by BYU Provo to be a mentor to some senior students doing their final project.  It's a documentary on two young boxers who are trying to support their families through boxing.  It's sounds really interesting when Spencer talks about it.

Shelbie is hanging in there but she just tested positive for HLA B27 mutation.  It is the marker for Ankylosing Spondylitis but can also be a marker for other autoimmune problems.  She has been in a lot of pain with neuropathy in her legs and pain in her back.  I thought maybe it was just her disks that cause a lot of issues now and again but the imaging showed new problems.  Her scoliosis has gotten worse and there are 4 vertebrae right above that, in the middle of her spine that look like mice nibbled around all the edges of her bones.  They have no clue what is happening or if that is the source of her pain.   Otherwise, fatigue and seizures are still the main things we deal with.

That's it for now.  Never a dull moment.  My weekly trips to Salt Lake will go on for at least the next three weeks and maybe more if Sam ends up needing surgery.  Time will tell.


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