I've been thinking about the need to write for a few days now but life is has been insanely messy and difficult in addition to busy.  Last weekend, I knew I had to pull back from life in order to make it through this week and we survived.  Shocking.  That makes our track record for surviving hard things 100%!   (That's my attempt at silver lining things)

We've been to Salt Lake again.  In preparation for this trip, I had to get new tires which I am totally irritated about.  I bought a brand new, $600 set of 55,000 mile tires 10 months ago.  I only had 4/32 of tread left on them.  When calculating how many miles I drove in hopes of using the warranty, I almost fell over.  32,000 miles in 10 months!!  32,000 miles of burning up the highway between here and Salt Lake.  It makes me sick and it also makes me wonder why I am living here and not in Utah...Oh yeah, I hate Utah, that's why.

Anyways...such is life.

For some reason, I knew we had to leave on Thursday for Shelbie's procedure, but I didn't do anything about that until late Thursday afternoon when it hit me that I still had to work my night job, take a meal in to a friend and babysit for someone else before we could leave!  I didn't have hotel arrangements or anything so I jumped on Priceline.  Immediately, the 2 star hotels on the wrong side of the tracks were priced at $175 a night and I felt sick! I usually don't pay more than $55 for a decent place.  Anything close to the hospital or airport was double that.  Since I had nothing to lose, I did the 'Name Your Own Price' thing and offered $80 for a 3.5 star hotel in downtown.  To my utter shock and awe, the price was accepted at the Sheraton!  I love the Sheraton and to get it for that price made me feel lucky.  I soon found out there is a huge DoTerra Oils conference there all weekend so that's why the hotel prices were so inflated.

We rolled into town at Midnight and checked in.  When we opened the door to our room...we were shocked.  It was a two story loft, with a King size bed.  It was so nice!   There's no point to this story other than, we were so blessed to have not had to pay so much money for a hotel room we would be sleeping in for just 6 hours.

Shelbie Transesophogeal Echo Cardiogram went as well as it could have.  They said she would be sedated but I would use that term lightly.  They gave her the same thing they give the kids for their bone marrow biopsies; a little Versed and Fentenyl.  Shelbie expressed her concern about this so they said they would give her as much as she needed to keep her comfortable.   Basically, they drop a scope down her throat and look at the back of her heart and get a closer look at what is happening.

The whole thing took nearly three hours from start to finish.   Shelbie was awake for the entire process and still has 100% memory of it but she said they were very nice and helped her through the difficult parts.  The worst part was sucking on a tongue depressor with lidacaine on the end to numb up her gag reflex.  That was a struggle and I feared for what was coming next.

They let me stay with her until they were ready to place the scope.  I am so glad they had me leave.  I'm not as eager to watch as I use to be but at the same time, I wanted to be there to support her.  We were in the room right beside where Spencer died on the exam table two years ago so I was all sorts of anxious.

The preliminary results are that she does have a hole in her heart and though it's very small, it is shunting blood.  Her Tricuspid valve  isn't closing properly and a couple of AVMs (arteriovenous malformation).  In a nut shell, there are three different problems, all shunting blood in her heart and enlarging part of her heart.  None of it was really news to me, I was aware of this but to hear these guys actually run down all the problems they were causing is what made me feel upset.  I have this knack of putting painful things aside until I have to deal with it.

Here's the scrapbook photos for this week's procedures.

Our cheap hotel...

This should not be the news of the week but seriously, for $80?  

Cardiovascular Suite- Procedure Room 2.  I hadn't met any of these Cardiologists, Fellows, or Nurses before but they were amazing!  I really like the Cardiovascular Center at University Hospital.  They are starting to feel like family. 

A little ultrasound of the heart prior to the scope.  This is Shelbie trying to get the nasty tasting numbing medication down her throat.

Recovery and she finally fell asleep.  Her nurse was Bob and he was so sweet and kind.  Before I left, he held her hand and wiped her tears from her cheek.  They treated her so kindly.  
 By the time they finished, Spencer had arrived at the hospital and waited with me for a few minutes until they called us back.  When we walked in, Bob said, "So, this is infamous young man I've heard about."  Seems like Spencer is a legend in the Cardiovascular Center for dying twice and now having a pacemaker.  I love how Cardiologists refer to cardiac arrest as 'a pause'.  They refer to Spencer's as a 'long pause'.  Still not funny... It's not funny that I keep coming to this department with three kids!

Anyways, Cardiology doesn't believe that Shelbie's lung diffusion problems are a result of her heart problems.  We will see the Pulmonologist, Cardiac Surgeon and Cardiac Neurologist in two weeks and determine what to do next.

The fun never ends.


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