Enjoy these pictures...

I feel like everything has been so hard and depressing here on the blog...mostly because life has been hard and also depressing.  

In all the hospital stays and trips to Utah, we did manage to do a few fun things to get a break from the heaviness.  Instead of 4 pages of words, here are a few pictures I manage to capture that didn't involve a hospital.

Before we knew Sam was in critical condition and would end up inpatient, we went to the coolest museum in downtown Salt Lake called the Leonardo.  It was a hands on kind of place.  We LOVE museums of all kinds.  If I could live and breathe at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, that would be almost Heaven to me. Anyways...the Leonardo was fun for the few short minutes it lasted.
The Wishing Trees.  You could add a tag with your greatest wish written on it.  I could have spent all afternoon reading the wishes of strangers. 
I love this happy picture of Spencer trying to land a virtual plane.
Sam also landing a virtual plane but I think he may have crash landed.  I love seeing that smile on Shelbie.

This was fun...we had to look at ourselves in a mirror and without looking at the paper, draw a self portrait without looking down or lifting the pencil!!  We all did surprisingly well and you can really see the resemblance of each of us!  Ha ha...Sam looks a bit like Picasso though!


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