Sunday, April 8, 2018

Surgery and Kidney Updates

Shelbie had her surgery on Friday.  Everything went well.

Unfortunately, the surgeon was unable to save the joints in her finger and he ended up having to fuse it.  She went too long without the bone in the right place and he didn't have enough healthy tissue to make a pin work.  So, from top to bottom of the second joint, is a screw. 

He said it was tricky because her fingers are so tiny and he used the smallest screw they had and it just barely worked.  She was a little traumatized because she woke up during the procedure to the sound of the drill.  When they took me back to the recovery room she was sobbing and pretty upset that she had woken up and that she won't be able to bend her finger anymore.  It seems like such an inconsequential body part but the pinky really does account for most of your grip.

She has been handling the pain very well!! I've been so surprised in fact.  She is having to take some pain meds but for the most part, it's totally manageable.  Today, she's been running a fever though so I'm worried she has an infection starting in or her body is throwing fits having a piece of metal in the bone.  I am planning to take her in tomorrow and make sure things are okay in terms of infection control.

In Sam news...this is not an easy thing we find ourselves in.  I called the University Hospital to secure an appointment with a Nephrologist but they are booked out 5 weeks!  I explained the situation and relayed the results to the nurse and while she was apologetic, there wasn't much she could do until she gets his records, ultrasounds and CT scans.   I spent most of Friday afternoon while sitting in one hospital waiting room, trying to get another hospital to co operate in getting records sent.  I've been told they were sent on Saturday.

Tomorrow, it will be another busy day of trying to get him an appointment.  The nurse did say that if they can't get him in soon, that we should just take him to the ER and work him in through the on call Nephrologist.   I don't love that idea but we will see what happens in the next day or so.  We've got PET scans this week so the option is there for an ER visit in Utah on Wednesday or Thursday.

This is a pretty boring post.  It's just been such an overwhelming and exhausting week and I am so far behind on work, there hasn't been a second to even pause and process it all.  Like a big bulldozer, we just push on through and we will deal with the wreckage at a later date.

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