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Just Because

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if car insurance companies behaved the same way health insurance companies do?  Think about it, we get better treatment for our cars than our bodies.  How is this even possible?

Unfortunately, just because we've been living on easy street the past, oh, I don't how long, months at least, it was time for a little hiccup a little trial of sorts.  We've been spoiled, just coasting and such.  Things have been going so well, it's to be expected that we had to have something go wrong.  Everyone has something right?  Why should we be exempt?  We are such slackers. I've just been waiting for the shoe to drop.

Spencer was in a significant accident Shelbie's car.  Air bags deployed, hyper extending his fingers on both hands, possibly breaking one thumb at least,  whip lash, and impact to his pace maker again!! The last thing the cardiologist said after the snowmobile more accidents!

He called me at 5 tonight pretty shaken up and a little in shock.

I was very calm, which is a curious thing.  I find that I no longer react to many things anymore at least not at first and sometimes not even for weeks or months.  I called my insurance company.  Insurance companies are partly responsible for my PTSD and bad moods.  I hate them.  Health insurance companies are horrible, awful entities and I have a serious anxiety problem whenever I have to deal with them.  I don't swear, I just yell out "BRIDGESPAN!!!"  Or instead of saying, "Oh Crap"...I just say "MOUNTAIN HEALTH CO-OP" or if I'm fuming mad I shorten it and say, "MHCOP".  It's does the job of the F-word or any other horrid, awful expletive.

I found tonight that car insurance companies are not like that, at least Progressive's claim line wasn't.  The lady was so kind.

The first thing she said was, "Are you okay?  I don't want you to worry, we are here for you.  You've got excellent coverage.  Do we need to transport your son via Ambulance?  Do the other drivers need transportation?  Will we need to send out a tow truck?  We can get him a rental...  I'm so sorry this happened, what an unfortunate event.  Thank you for being such a loyal customer with Progressive and trusting us with your needs."

Honestly...I've only been with them for three months, so not exactly loyal.  I swear, I was so anxious and ready for a fight I was already off and running with what I thought was coming next...  If Progressive was Bridgespan or Mountain Health Co-Op...this is how the conversation would have gone...

      'Well, we're going to have to call in our adjusters, the team of high school drop outs we've hired to assess if you really do need your car fixed or not.  OH, what's that you say?  The front wheel is bent at 45 degrees?  What? The air bags are hanging out?  Well, that doesn't necessarily mean you need it fixed.  Our team of high school drop outs believes you can still drive just fine.  Do you remember how to use hand signals? Wait what?  Your wheels fell off in Utah?  Unfortunately we don't cover cars that drive outside of a 10 mile radius from your home.  Shoot.  That's clear out of network.  I'm afraid we won't be able to cover anything for you, I mean if we were going to in the first place but definitely  not now.  Not now that you are out of the 10 mile radius.  I'll check with our team of drop outs who know nothing about cars and make sure they haven't changed their mind...Can you spell the name of the car you were driving anyways, I'm not sure how to spell that....I've never heard of a Nissan, I think we don't cover that line of car...If you were driving a Datsun, then for sure we would cover that.  Your next car needs to be a Datsun, we can cover those but not Altimas.  Yes, that is in the fine print on page 732, about 1/5 of the way down...Well, I'm sorry if you didn't inform yourself of the policy when you purchased it.  Is there anything else we can do to be of service?"

Thank goodness Progressive didn't act like Bridgespan or Mountain Health Co-Op because I would not be blogging tonight but rather, making one phone call from a prison cell because I'm about to snap!  I probably won't snap though...I don't really have time, I've got a take a shower and get ready for tomorrow's catastrophic event.  I'm just praying that somewhere between now and tomorrow when the insurance adjuster calls, Progressive hasn't been hijacked by a Lobbyist in the Healthcare Industry.  I like Flo so far.  I think maybe Flo needs to give some pointers to the Health Insurance sector about how to behave.

Anyways...I was ready to make a drive to Provo to help Spencer.  He really has no meaningful support.  I did call someone I know to see if they could go pick him up from the accident scene and drive him back to his apartment, but that didn't work out the way I had imagined.  So, Spencer walked home.  He needs to see a doctor about his injuries, hopefully tomorrow the rental car can be delivered and he can drive himself there.  If not, he said he would ride his bike or skateboard.  UGH...Those are fighting words to me..."Spencer!!  I will drive down there and take you to the doctor, you aren't riding your skateboard with a jacked up back, neck and two hands and who knows what condition your heart is in!!"  Honestly.

Tomorrow's another day...Still haven't decided if I'm going to go down yet. Poor kid!!! This seriously getting out of control.


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