Welcome Back Winter

Today, Shelbie had to go up to the Teton Valley to find the perfect spot for a location photo shoot on Monday.  I took the day off from work and drove her up there and her friend came along too.  It was such a beautiful drive. 

The farther we got from home, the more I could breathe.  I love that within an hour from my house, you can escape into a world where pine trees and aspens kiss your forehead with the reaching rays of the sun; even on a snowy day.  It was so beautiful near the top of the Tetons.

Pine trees were made for snow.  I love how they carry the weight of  the snow, branches that were meant to bend but not break.

We could almost touch the clouds
We shared our view with these guys...

I have been working at a break neck pace throughout the summer and even though I am still so far behind, it was nice to spend some time with Shelbie and her friend.  I miss being with her.  We see each other every day but we never just 'see' each other.  I didn't realize how much I miss just being with my kids so today was a healing kind of day. 

We got home around dinner time and took Little Miss swimming.  Shelbie adores her sister.  The boys do as well but they couldn't be with us tonight.   They are so good for each other.  I'm glad that she can still be part of the kids' life even through the ups and downs and changes that happen.

 Tonight, her mom came as well.  Yes, to many it may seem odd that two ex-wives would be kind to one another, even spending time together. There was a day when I'm sure neither one of us thought this would likely happen but life is too short for contention.  It doesn't just happen.  It takes two people willing to let the past go and find some common, peaceful ground.  What I love is that Little Miss is surrounded by so much love her in life.  She has this network of caring, amazing people, all with her best interest at heart.  Little Miss has been good for me too.  So, it's forgiveness and peace for the WIN!

Little Miss, Shelbie and Shelbie's friend Yolo...



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