Lost and Found

From September 29th, 2016, I wrote this on my Instagram page with the following picture....
"There is something so intriguing about the lost and forgotten.  The dying but not yet dead.  
To watch something come alive again is a fascinating, albeit overwhelming process
but therein lies the purpose. "

This was a lost and forgotten house I was asked to design in the Teton Valley.  It is a small home that has been in a family for several generations, I believe it was built in the early 1900's.  Two winters ago, a pipe burst and water filled up that home throughout the winter and spring.  It seemed that no one had noticed.  The entire house fell apart, mold took over, it seemed a total waste to the family.

I'm sure many discussions were had if the house was even worth salvaging.

So, the process began last fall.  I worked with a great contractor and together we made this house come to life.  The left side pictures were where we stripped the walls down to the studs to reveal wood that had been over taken by mold and grime.  We arranged to have every stud and brick blasted with baking soda and crushed walnuts.  It stripped off the old and made the wood and brick beautiful again as is shown on the right side.

Baking Soda and Walnut blasting

A view from the kitchen down the hall to the bedrooms

From there I measured the existing house and designed a plan to create a new space to allow this family the opportunity to gather again.  All the dashed lines are the walls we removed.

upstairs level
 The new main floor plan and attic plan

Look at it now!  It is hardly recognizable from where it began. 

Kitchen to the front door

Living room

Master Bathroom

This is the same littered upstairs hall from the first picture.

From the kitchen to the bedrooms

This house has become a beautiful retreat at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountains.  What remains are the bones of the house, the soul, the memories from so many tender family moments.

I love my job.  I love seeing the creation of light and space.  I love the possibilities, the way lines on a page can one day breathe life.

In life, I love to find the lost and forgotten and help them feel found.  I love to polish off the sharp edges, clean up the spirit, bring light to the dark corners of a soul and remind them and maybe even the world, that they do have value and they are worth the investment of time and tender care.

This house has been an ongoing reminder to me even an archetype, of the world in which we live.  So many people around us have been forgotten, a little tarnished; broken.  People come and go from our lives, our paths cross and weave into one another's journey and we either find the precious parts that retain their Heavenly value, or we can't see past the damage, the way life has bent them and misshapen them.

Find the souls that have been lost.  See the light that remains.  Feel after the bones of their soul and sit for awhile, witness the goodness.  It's there.  Lost but now it's found.


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