That boy!

Sam loves to think he is invincible.  He loves to push the limits physically.

Tuesday morning, I decided to gently tell him his heart is showing increased signs of struggle and he should take a little more caution in how far he pushes himself.  I tried to balance the reality with what I know he can handle emotionally.

Well, he got mad.   "I've had a heart problem forever, it's not just going to quit now, the week before a pacemaker!"

"Even hearts have an expiration date.  God doesn't want us to do dumb things to create more trouble than is necessary.  Just tone it down, that's all." was my reply.

He left for work right after, mad.  He slammed the front door and was gone.

About 2 hours later, he came back through the door with a bruised face and the skin off his nose with blood all over.

"What happened??!!"
"I'm not telling you!"
"hmmmm, you did something crazy to prove a point that you can do whatever you want."

He attempted a double back flip on the floor, no trampoline, and missed the landing.  His face hit the floor.  I wanted to yell at him even though I'm not a yelling type of person but then I figured he had already suffered the natural consequences of being mad and doing something stupid...even though it's a trick he can actually do and has, it's a little funny if you think about it. A little healthy Karma.

Still...I was angry that he didn't take into consideration that the rest of us are worried about him.  He got cleaned up and went back to work.  I stewed all afternoon about what to do with him and what to say because in my mind, this wasn't over.

Here's what I decided to do...

I took it to his work and held it out in front of me, gave him a hug and turned around and walked out.  I looked back and saw him smile.  I think he got the message more than any loud exchange of words could have done. Love conquers all!  Showing extra love and understanding seems to get me farther than lectures.   He's been better today.  His face is a mess but he's been a little less rebellious and a little more respectful. I know this is so hard on him!

Shelbie is finally back!  She's been awake almost all day and even had a photo shoot!  Praying this continues.

Spencer had a job interview today in Utah and got the job! So that's a relief.  He will be loading trucks at UPS.  He will work a night shift from 2:30am -8:30 am.  He thinks those are perfect hours so he can do videography all day long.  The boy never sleeps.  He worries me.  He is losing weight, can't sleep and his heart runs to it's own beat, but nothing like Sam's yet.  He called tonight and his autoimmune eye disease is back!  Tomorrow I will have to contact his Opthalmologist and see if they can get a prescription called in to Utah before it gets worse.

It's never easy these days but I guess, if you look hard, it was a good day.  I just pray Spencer can stay in Utah and stay healthy.  He needs this break to try to see his dreams come true.

5 more far, so good.



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