Always Something

Nothing much to report on Shelbie's situation.  Still no results back.  Still haven't had a chance to email our 'Dream Team' back and still putting life back together after a very rough week.

I have been sick-ish off and on since Monday.  I think probably a combination of too much anti-inflammatory meds and no food and no sleep is to blame.  Just basically run down.

I've been giving a lot of thought and prayer to my situation.  Monday afternoon, our old nurse stopped by to say hi. She had some really good ideas that I will look into depending on what they discover about Shelbie's brain.

Tuesday afternoon, I had a job interview.  In fact, I was offered the job.  It's just a drafting job.  No design, just drafting all the boring things for commercial and residential projects like door schedules. He offered me more than half of what I make on my own so that is not cool.  He said, "Having you on board means we both get rich."  Ahhh...maybe only one of us gets rich because I still have to pay 35% self employment tax which leaves me at barely $15 an hour...not a great deal for me.  Who gets rich on $15 an hour anyways?

But...I took the job.  He gave me my first project and 14 pages of drawings are due by Tuesday.  Yes, I am certifiable.  But...if this project goes well and he actually pays me on time or pays me period...then I am going to quit all my cleaning jobs. I can't even tell you how, just the very thought of not working nights, makes me feel lighter.  The every night and weekend work is hard.  I work all day and all night and never get a break.  Without being tied down to a nightly job, I wouldn't have so much stress trying to find people to work for me when I have to be in Salt Lake.   I also paid off my $8000 tax bill from 2014 this month so it makes this new job pay okay-ish.  It's still not ideal but I feel like it's the best solution to a difficult situation.

We'll see. For now, I'll be a crazy person adding an additional 15 hours of work a week until I make sure the drafting job is going to work out.  Not quitting anything yet.  In fact, I may stretch out the cleaning as long as possible so I can pay off some debt with the extra income.

So, these are good things.  I'm not complaining!  Surprise...I'm not complaining.

In other Wasband is married!  Yep.  Life is changing again.  As strange as it seems, his life decisions do affect my life even though we have been divorced 12 years! When he is single, I get more help with the kids emotionally and physically.  Even saying that sounds strange since our kids are adults but their care is getting complicated and hard and if nothing else, it was nice having him at appointments since so often, the kids are at different doctors at the same minute.  It's back to being solo in this.  That is an overwhelming thought.  



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