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Mother's Day Sentiments

It's that time of the year when mothers everywhere bask in the best day of the year...or not.

It isn't necessarily my favorite day.  It's an anniversary of a different sort for me; 11 years ago to the day we informed the kids we were getting divorced.  It was final on Father's Day and in two days, we would have celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!   But...this year I don't feel as weighed down with all of this as usual. It's still sad...regret more than anything I guess.

There have been other concerns this weekend.  My mom had another stroke!  It wasn't as big as the one she had 10 months ago but I don't do well with these kinds of things.  I guess it's a weekend of anniversaries because I was just a baby when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 46 years ago.  So, it hasn't been my mom's best weekend either.  She is pretty amazing.  She always shows such strength and grace under such circumstances.  I love her to pieces and I am so blessed to have had 47 years with her and many more to come!

There's always a silver lining.  Spencer made a surprise trip home!  I was so surprised.  I opened the door Saturday night at 8pm and there he was standing on the porch!  It turned my sad few days completely around.  It was exactly what we all needed.  He brought with him his always present sense of humor and loving ways.

That evening, over dinner, we discussed his upcoming camping trip with 7 friends from his mission across the Pacific Northwest and Canada, for the rest of the month. I said to him, "Spence, what I really want to do is call you every night and morning to make sure you haven't been eaten by bears or fallen off a cliff but I will try not to do that."

He responded by saying that it was no big deal and he would put a GPS tracker on my phone so I would know where he was all the time and be able to follow him.  That sounds like a great deal!  Then, the conversation turned to Sam and his camping trip with friends for a week once school is out and before I could speak my mind about keeping in touch with him, Spencer said, "Sam, don't worry, mom won't always be annoying.  Once you get home from your mission, you will appreciate that she cares so much!"  ha ha...I think he meant that in a sweet, loving way!  At any rate...Sam followed his lead and has no problem with me checking in daily with him either!  Yay, score one for helicopter mom!

This morning we attended church and they handed out cupcakes to all the moms.  While we waited for the Young Men to bring the cupcakes around, Spencer said, "Hey, it's your participation award for being a mom this year!"  I laughed harder than I should have probably.  It was perfect.  I think that's how most moms feel...we are just winging it. Not a first place mom...just participating!  Ha ha.  That's me! None of us really know what we are doing and I think Mother's Day is so hard because we are just terrified the kids will find out we have no clue about life or raising kids!  Oh kids have known my flaws forever! My ever present question is... who the heck thought it would be a good idea for me to raise children let alone adult?  That's crazy making if you ask me!

After Church, we visited our good friends who are back from St. George. We have missed them so much this past winter. We always love spending time with them.  Then, we headed out for a picnic to Pallisades.  It was amazing.  We had the best time.  There were only three other souls in the distant and we sat around right beside the river eating, talking, laughing, slacklining and listening to the river, the bull frogs and watching the Osprey and Hawks go fishing.  We had the very best time together. Here are some highlights...

This is the perfect street sign on the road where we found to hideout. 

Spencer on the Slackline

Sam doing what he loves! 

Isn't this beautiful?  It was so peaceful.  No people, no phones...just our private little paradise!

Bentley enjoyed the wide open spaces watching the ducks and geese. 
So, happy mother's day to one and all.  Here's to another year of pretending to be the best mom ever!



  1. So right, just winging it! I'm glad you had an awesome day together!


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