The last care package

Today, I mailed out one last care package for Spencer.  He will be home in less than two weeks and he is really anxious about the move home.

I can see why.  He is doing what he loves to do.  He is happy and healthy.  He has a purpose and is focused each day.  It's much harder to find your purpose and focus when it's just up to you and no one else is telling you how it will be.

So, I have been wracking my brain to come up with a way to make the transition easier.  I scoured the internet and found a lot of things but not exactly what I was interested in.  I saw a lot of pictures of 'finish lines' and banners that read, "you're done!" in regards to missionaries coming home.  I realized that I didn't want Spencer to treat his mission like something he had to check of his eternal list of things to do.  That makes it sound like it could have easily been a burden.  It wasn't.  At least for Spencer it wasn't a burden or task on his list of things to do.

I want Spencer to think of coming home as a continuation of his mission.  I want him to see that just because he will not be wearing a suit and black name tag, his heart should still be focused on being a disciple of Christ.

My great idea came as I thought about the letter he received when he got his mission wrote him a letter of 'Transfer' from me!  I love how it turned out.  I also made him a list of 10 things he needs to bring home from his mission like...his testimony, his knowledge of God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, his love of serving, his habits of hard work, his faith...etc.  Finally, I included some 'EXTRA' 'HUGS' and 'KISSES'.

Each picture represented one of the 10 things he needs to bring home from his mission

Hugs and Kisses

My letter of transfer

I also asked him to write a letter about his testimony and experiences so that he can seal it up and read it in 6 months.  

I've been kind of anxious about him coming home too but now I'm just getting excited!  I am getting so excited that I even hired a photographer to come to the airport!  I'm not typically the kind of person to do something like that but I really want his arrival to be well documented and I can't very well do that if I am trying to welcome him home.

I think I'm about ready to have him home!  I can't believe how fast two years has gone by but how slow it went as well.


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