Catching up

Life right now is all about getting caught up...

For me...It's about catching up on 'stuff' before Spencer comes home.  I'm afraid to admit that I just did his laundry!  Yes...he left two years ago and I closed his bedroom door and didn't step foot in it again!  So, ya...clean room, clean sheets, new pillows, new curtains...

I am also back to applying for work!

Again...It seems life for me is all about feast or famine.  Unfortunately, I haven't exactly arrived at the 'feast' stage.  I don't think I mentioned this before, or maybe I did...I got slammed with an $8000 tax bill for 2014.  I applied for an "Offer In Compromise" to have the bill reduced.  Apparently, the office I sent it to in Tennessee doesn't communicate with the tax office who sent me a mean letter saying they were placing a lien on my house.   Of course...they never include a phone number until the threatening letters start arriving.  They say I need to pay my entire debt by July 23rd.  I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen...just saying.  I did finally get a hold of a human being they are straightening out my file.  I should hear in 45 days if my offer has been accepted.  Cross your fingers.

I also found the most amazing website called Skillshare!  It's my new addiction.  It is full of classes you can take in just about any area you want.  One of my goals for this year was to go through my blog and choose an inspirational phrase or quote, one for each month and hand letter it.  I am not a graphic artist or hand letterer but I found a class on Skillshare that is teaching me how to do it!!  I'm so excited.  It's been amazing. Each class comes with video tutorials and projects that you have to upload to the class.  I'm really enjoying it.

Finally...I did one more thing on my bucket list this week!! I submitted an article to a brand new National Magazine just getting ready to launch.  My article is about expectations.  I am scared and excited!   If they buy my article, it will be my first magazine article and I will make more money on this one article than I ever have.   Fingers crossed.

In other news of catching up...All of the activities we have done over the past two weeks have caught up to Shelbie.  She finally crashed last night.  She is one worn out, sick girl.  I'm hoping a full day of sleeping will restore some energy to her.



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