The Journey

It's been an eventful weekend.

Saturday, I made an impromptu trip to Salt Lake to take Sam and a couple of friends to an amusement park for which they had free tickets.  I had a lot of time...a lot of time, to think.  In fact, I ended up sitting at a Barnes and Noble for 5 hours!  I spent most of that time working but had all sorts of thoughts going through my head.

Today, I attended the funeral of Santa, aka- Mike.  I had the same thoughts I had on Saturday.


 Today at the funeral, I got lost in watching people at the cemetery. Mike was a huge part of the scouting program and the Mountain Men Rendezvous organization.  His fellow Mountain Men were there in costume.  They did a special salute to him.  Once the program at the cemetery was over, the Mountain Men each walked up to the casket and laid something on top.  The items were things from the mountains; a sprig of pine, a pine cone, a hand made leather satchel.  Each man had tears in their eyes.  Several bent over and kissed the casket.

I couldn't help but consider how much Mike's influence had reached.  I wondered what each of his friends were going through.

As people were departing, I watched each of Mike's daughters stand quietly alone at the side of the casket just weeping and sharing one last moment with their dad.  There was so much going on with the people visiting, the Mountain Men congregating...I looked over and saw Mike's wife just sitting alone under the tent.  She looked tired and lost and completely exhausted.

You don't have to look far to find struggle.  Everyone has something hard they are going through. We seem to be experts in suffering silently and privately.  We end up being a bunch of satellites that merely circle each other, rarely making contact.

Seeing all the heartache today was almost worse than the day I found out Mike had died.  It was just such a lonely sight.  The worst thing about a long, hard journey is a long hard journey you make alone.  I wish there could have been something I could have done to make it all better.

The struggles we face may look different but underneath it all, we are very much the same.  On the same journey.



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