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Defending and Protecting

This subject has been on my mind for over 6 months.  I have written countless pages on the topic in my notebooks.

Today is the day, I think I want to make sure it gets to my blog.

Defending and Protecting.

I heard this idea several months ago when listening to a talk by Byron Katie.  I think I may have mentioned her before on this blog.  She is a public speaker with the intention of ending suffering.  Suffering of all kinds whether it be suffering inflicted upon us, or suffering we inflict upon ourselves and everything in between.

She has this to say about the difference between defending and protecting.  'Defense, is the first act of war.  When you try to defend, you become part of the war.  You spend more time in pain, anxiety, fear, restlessness to the point that you are "mentally running the world and asleep in your own."

If you are into social media even in the least bit, you will see that there is no shortage of defense in the world today, especially in light of the Supreme Court Ruling on gay marriage.

I will readily admit that I have an opinion on that topic and I will admit that when I heard the news, the first thing I did was gather my children.  Not to defend what I believe or what I think they should believe but to reiterate to them the things that I hold sacred and dear; the things that matter to me that I will always protect.  I appreciated the opportunity to talk about what we need to protect; to talk about the things that are important to them that they need to protect as well.  It's not just about gay marriage.  It's a far broader dilemma than that. It's about love, respect, peace, safety and more.

The world is no longer a safe place.  It's no longer safe to share a thought, let alone an opinion.  In the past week, I have had to defend this blog and things I said recently.  I thought long and hard about taking down the post in question but I chose not to.  This is where I write the stories of my life.  This is where I am figuring out what I'm all about. This is where I record MY truth.  Not yours, not the neighbor's, not the country's. I'm learning that people will not love what I say.  It's weird for me to type this since this blog is hardly political or anything else that could possibly be controversial.  But it's true...welcome to of the your free to say anything as long as it's the same thing everyone else is saying!

Another experience I had this week was with a support group I belong to.  One of the ladies posted about the medical abductions that are becoming more and more common.  I for one am interested in this subject since I have seen how easily this can happen.  While it hasn't happened to this extent to me, I have been accused of other things that could have led to losing my children had the wrong ego been in my path.

It became such a controversial subject.   Again, defending one or the other adds to the war and fuel to the fire. Feelings were hurt.  Friendships ruined.  Protecting my own kids through knowledge and understanding is far more productive.

It just saddens me that we can't all get along.  That we can't respect each other's story and see that we each stand in a very different place.  Not a better place, just a different place.

There is so much around us in need of protection; our families, our children, each other.  That is what is really heartbreaking.


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