Random Acts of...

PIZZA!!!  That's right, Random Acts of Pizza!!!
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This is hilarious!

Last month, when I was working on my 29 Gifts project, I came across this website called 'Random Acts of Pizza'.  Here is how it works, people either go to this site to request a pizza or they go to give away a pizza! They ask, 'Are you a giver or a receiver?"

I am not a member of this awesome pizza society but I do have fun visiting their website to see the circumstances people find themselves in when they need a pizza or have one to give away.

Here are some of my favorite entries:
"Looking for a large, open-minded pizza to hang out with tonight. I can host a casual night of relaxing fun as I really like to stuff my face. MUST BE DISCREET. No games, no strings attached unless it's cheese on the pizza. Possibility of multiple eating partners if you are open to that kind of thing, so bring some friends.
Me: skinny build (could use some food), clean teeth, average height, HUGE appetite ;)
You: I prefer toppings rather than bare, must be disease free but grease IS O.K.! I like a pizza with curves that isn't afraid to have a good time and speak it's mind.
PM me if interested, subject must be "stuff my crust" or I will ignore. It does not get more real than ME!"

 I want to buy this guy a pizza just because of his totally awesome request!!! So creative- he deserves PIZZA!  Oh, he got one!!! 

Here's another good one, "Cheese is her favorite. We live in Roseburg, OR. If anyone is more interested in our story I can answer questions.
We're by no means starving - but it would bring a smile to my wife's face and she's been pretty down lately. And yeah, I'm looking for work - any tips or prayers would be more than welcome. :)"

And another...."A pizza would be very much welcome. All last week I was sick with the flu and I missed the entire week of work. On Friday my wife got sick too and ended up being hospitalized with H1N1, pneumonia and an extremely high liver enzyme count (13x the normal levels). The doctors have run extensive tests and can't figure out why her body is attacking itself, so there's no telling how long she might be hospitalized.
I have been existing solely on stress and terrible hospital food since and our finances are dwindling. I won't be getting a paycheck this week due to my missed work and pizza would REALLY hit the spot. Any help would be appreciated. I'm in the US and have Pizza Hut and Papa John's that will deliver."

Some people offer pizza too.  "I am a college student who managed to pull off 18 credits with a 40 hour week the past month. In honor of that I got a raise, and I would love to share it with someone who has a Papa John's, Pizza Hut or Domino's near them in the US"

There you have it!  There is still good in the world and kindness is delivered one pizza at a time!! 



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