IEP meeting done

Well, another IEP meeting has come and gone.  What a disappointment, I have nothing funny or sarcastic to say about the meeting!! That's why I am disappointed!  I thought for sure it would be a joke like the rest of them have been but it was actually pretty decent.  I am surprised and relieved.

The only downside is that it makes for a boring blog post.

Sam did however, manage to get his English back up to a 'C'!  That's my boy! He got that 'F' Fixed just like he said he would.

I'm not sure what it is about this school district but we had a great experience in elementary school.  Middle School was pretty successful and the Special Ed staff and Administration were awesome.  Junior High, the wheels always fall off our little cart, we spend two years falling apart and failing classes and I'm not sure why.  It has been that way with all three of my kids.  By the time we get to High School, my attitude leaves a lot to be desired and I am tired of the run around so I don't play very well because I just expect a load of crap like Junior High.

I am always surprised when they pull it all back together!  With all three of them! Today, they renewed my hope in this broken education system.

I am still a little leery of their plan for Sam for next year.  They plan to mainstream him to a Geometry class.  It sounds like a train wreck to me but we will be open and give it a try.

Sam will be missing a lot of school when we go to Seattle and that will be hard but it seems like everyone is on board so I hope it won't do too much damage.

We can all breathe a little easier now that that is behind us!  God bless the Special Ed teachers and the new Principal!



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