Is this normal?

We have been in Canada for the past few days and today, I experienced the highlight of this trip.  I got to see the new Children's Hospital here in Calgary!  I know, of all the things to see in Calgary, I just really wanted to see the hospital. 

Today, we were on our way to Banff and I took a wrong turn and right there in front of us was the hospital!  I have never been so excited to make a wrong turn as I was today.  I love designing healthcare facilities and I have read tons of articles on this new hospital.  It has been featured in so many Healthcare magazines so seeing it in person was a real treat!  I only wish I could have gone in and been taken on a private tour.  That would have been such a dream!  I know, it's not normal to have this fascination with hospitals.  Oh well.

The architecture and materials are amazing

I love the colors!

I didn't get to go inside but I wish I could have seen these spaces.

Nice clean patient rooms

Wide open spaces.
I'm sure some people think my fascination with hospitals is because of the kids' illness but it has more to do with my love of design and healthcare facilities.  Someday, I would love to design a facility like this.  

I also got to see another brand new hospital right by my sister's house.  It also has some great architectural details. 

PhotobucketIt is due to open soon, complete with robotics.  Who says Canadians have lousy healthcare?  It's lookin good to me!


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