For what purpose?

You've heard it said that people come into your life for a reason.  Everything is as it should be in this moment.  Some are here to help us, to frustrate us, to teach us.  They offer special things that we need in order to learn and progress.  Do you believe in this concept?  I do.  Sometimes though, I wish I didn't.  I mean, it can be a little unnerving don't you think?

When we were in Canada a few weeks ago, we stopped on our way home to visit my two grandmothers who are both in nursing homes.  They suffer from dementia and they have lived for nearly an entire Century!  When I saw them in March, they didn't even know who I was.  It made me so sad.  My Grandma Pratt just sat there with a blank look on her face, so confused.  This time, I figured it would be more of the same confusion.  It wasn't. 

We entered her room and she was sitting in the corner and looked up and said, "Kathy, I knew you would come this morning."  She had been in her exercise class and had a feeling that she needed to go back to her room because someone was going to be looking for her.   I was so happy that she recognized me.  It wasn't for long.  After that, she was completely lost and had no idea who I was.  That brief moment was just what I needed.  When we said goodbye I told my kids that that was a tender mercy from God and she would soon be gone.  I knew, that Heavenly Father knew, that I needed her to remember me one last time.  My grandma will most likely not make it to the end of the week.  She is very ill and there is nothing more the doctors can do for her.

I recently received comments from the sweetest girl who has an autonomic nervous system disorder similar to the kids'.  She offered so much advice on making Shelbie's next transfusion easier.  I am hopeful that it will work. That was not just some co incidence, out of the blue kind of thing.  She was sent for a definite purpose and her story and Shelbie's are so similar.

I like it when I can see the purpose; when I know or can predict why something happens and why people come into your life when they do.  When it's unclear, I get really nervous. 

So, yesterday, I met a new friend.  She came over to my house and introduced herself.  We got to chatting and throughout our conversation, came to find out that her husband recently passed away from guess what?  Yup, an autonomic nervous system disorder.  I probably asked her too many questions and she was being evasive because I'm sure she figured it was such a rare disease I wouldn't understand anyways.  Well, surprise, I knew all too well what she was talking about! 

I can't help but wonder why she has suddenly appeared in my life.  A woman much older than me yet her path with many similarities.  Are things going to worse for us suddenly and she will be my rock, the one who helps us through?  Am I suppose to be helping her in some way?  There's no way this is just a co-incidence.  You just don't meet a lot of people with this kind of disease everyday. 

Life is interesting isn't it?  Sometimes, I think I can't wait to see how things turn out but then again, maybe I can.


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