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Christmas is coming up fast!  As a family, we are enjoying our little efforts to 'Light The World'!

It makes all the difference in the day, when we can engage in even the smallest kindness.  Kindness is such a powerful act of survival.  We don't realize just how much it can shift the day.

This week has been a bit crazy.  I decided to quit cleaning houses.  It was such a hard decision to make.  I have spent a lot of time worrying about what to do.  I had applied at a company in a nearby town, about a month ago to do 3D drawings and animations.  I really didn't think anything would come of it but after a lengthy interview and a test project, I was offered the position and I accepted it.  I tried a hundred different ways to hold on to my clients that I clean for but I knew in my heart, I had to let it go.  It's been a 12 year career, and though it was hard, I worked for very nice people who have been extremely kind and patient with me, especially this past year as my life has been going sideways and I had to cancel a lot, so I could take care of my kids.  I will miss those people each week.

Shelbie has been in rugged shape this week.  She's been fighting a cold for about three weeks but seemed to be improving a great deal, in fact, I would say she had kicked it.  Tuesday night, she was running a fever and broke out in petechiae.  I was worried that her platelets were dropping again so I ran her in to the Urgent Care before they closed for the night.  She has no physical signs of an infection but her white count was triple what it normally is for her, so that was concerning.  They started an antibiotic just to be safe, since clearly, something is brewing. 

From Tuesday night, until Wednesday night, Shelbie slept 18 hours straight!!!  She was up for just a couple of hours, before going back to bed and slept again until this morning at noon.  Today, she's been stumbling around, mixing up her words and feeling nauseous but still, no real signs of infection except for a fever that waxes and wanes but never above 100.  Her blood pressure, on the other hand is out of control.  It's been hanging around the 96/ 64 which is extremely low!  When she has seizures, she ends up sleeping for extended periods of time but I haven't noticed that they affect her blood pressure.  It's hard to say what is happening.  She is really not doing well.  Next week, we are back in Salt Lake for Pulmonology which is probably going to be a waste of time but maybe having another set of eyes on her won't be so bad.

Life is moving fast as usual around here but I'm trying to keep a Christmassy perspective and savor in the beauty of this season.


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