Big Talk

Several months ago, I watched this girl give a TED talk.  It was fascinating so I found her video on YouTube.  Take a look.

I found it so interesting what people said they wanted to do before they died.  Have you thought about that before?  I'm not even sure what I want to do tomorrow!

But the bigger question than that was "What would you do if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?"  All of sudden, the list of places to go was replaced by people to be with.  The one guy who wanted to make peace with his many of us put off important things that we could do right now?  Everything comes down to the people we love and surround ourselves with.

I love the idea of Big Talk.  I love how stories connect us.  I love to read stories from people I know and stories from strangers.  I especially love hearing stories and thoughts from my kids.  Sam and I have had some interesting Big Talks lately.  I snatch little bits of time when he isn't expecting it and ask him the deep questions about life.   He recently broke up with his girlfriend.  He has to decide if he is going to sign up for another semester at school or work or change schools or go on a mission.  His thought process through this maze of decisions is fascinating to me.  I love being connected in this way.

Shelbie had a really bad experience with a young man this week.  A young man who pretended to be a nice, caring guy but was actually anything but that...sometimes, its in the bad experiences where I can make  the biggest connections with my kids.

Today, I had to spend most of the day picking up furniture pieces and moving them to a nearby town.  Spencer came along to offer up his muscles and drive the moving van.  We had so much time to talk about all his great and wonderful dreams.

I realized that sometimes, it's easy to forget that there a bigger things in life than shallow pond of social media we wade through daily.  Somehow, that has replaced the deep waters of a life with meaning.

So, here's to more Big Talk.  More stories.  



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