Happy Fourth

Happy Independence Day! 
I didn't do much today.  I had to work this morning and then the Wasband invited me to have lunch at his place with the kids and his niece and nephews that are here going to school from Indiana.  Sam invited some friends, Shelbie had a few over and Spencer brought his main squeeze Abi.   It was a great crowd and Brian always has tons of food and some really great yard games. 

I wasn't there long, just about an hour but it was fun to visit with everyone and watch them enjoy each others company.  I will always be grateful that my Wasband and I can get along and do these fun things for the kids.  Truth be told...he did all of it!  I offered but I think the 4th of July is his favorite holiday of the year! 

He spray painted a giant Twister game on the grass, had a massive Jenga game he made out of 2x4's and a life size Kerplunk!  After I left, they were joining the neighbors on their huge slip and slide that runs down the hill they live on and another bbq and fireworks tonight.  

I had to work this afternoon and receive a little dog I am dog sitting til tomorrow.  I also have to work tonight. It's always a good day seeing the kids laugh and have fun.  For dinner, my good friends, the Hendricks took me to Driggs.  It was a beautiful drive and awesome company! 



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