Meanwhile...back in mortality while we wait for God to get his plans in place, I want to share a list of my favorite collection of quotes.  Most of them come from a book my good friend gave me 20 years ago when we first found out the kids had Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.  She was my rock back then.

The book is called, Making Sense of Suffering by Wayne Brickey.  Feel free to steal these.  I couldn't find any of his quotes on Pinterest, the resource for all things!  So, I made my own.

Every page of his book is amazing...I will make more of these little quotes because they are real gems!   Here is another of my favorites...

"Oddly enough, our vision sometimes improves when our conditions worsen, creating an occasional windowpane, or window of pain, in the veil.  A paralyzing problem can bring the stillness that causes us to pause and, for a change, reverently look at the whole scene, which is the smallest scene we can trust."

On the home front, it's been a good day.  I spent a fair bit of the morning on the ocean of emotion but as a wise man once said, "Our best efforts in the strong waves of emotion may seem weak.  But what matters is our exertion, not our position."  I really put a lot of effort into crying, I felt good about my exertion for sure!  So, yay for progress! 

Tonight...I got to witness the amazing testimony of my daughter; a strength is shining through in her like I have never before seen.  It was inspiring.  She said how blessed she has been feeling to be able to see the hand of God in her life. 

I listened as Sam and Shelbie engaged in an interesting conversation of enduring to the end.  It reminded me that I need to spend more time listening to them work through the principles of the gospel on their own.  I have taught them and provided a laboratory for them to live and learn the gospel, it's so rewarding to see them come into it on their own.  

Finally, I got to talk to Spencer.  He checks in every night for a progress report.  I wish he could be here to witness the transformation of our family and to feel the spirit that is in our home, stronger than ever.  I wish he could see his sister and the light she radiates. He is doing great!  He is going on splits with the Elders. He has been sharing our story with his boss who has been inspired and maybe she will find some peace in her own life.

All in all...that's life and time marches on.



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