16 and Sam!

Sam is officially 16 years old!  Good times...Here is a little montage of my favorite pics of this sweetheart through the years...

My little man...

This is probably my favorite picture of all time.  He was so happy on his Wish trip!!!  For one minute in his 16 years of life...he had not one worry.  He was happy, spontaneous and just that little kid again!  I wish I could relive that very moment!

Brothers!  Spencer handed the 'man of the house' baton over to Sam he has taken it and been the very best priesthood holder a mother could ask for!

Tonight, we will have just a little time the three of us but his big shin dig will be on Saturday at his Dad's.  I won't be able to attend because of awkward divorce stuff but I know he's going to have a great time!   His dad and I have worked together with his happiness in mind.

So, this birthday means Sam is free to dazzle the women with his good looks and charm!  I don't allow the kids to date until they are 16.  He missed Prom by 3 days!  He never complained once and made the most of his Saturday even though most of his friends were at Prom.  He is a great boy.  Very considerate and tries to be easy going even when he doesn't like the rules.

I have been quizzing him on how to treat a lady and I think he is doing a good job.

What Sam doesn't know....Is that he can't take a girl out until he has taken me out!!!  When he takes me out on a date...he will surely have to endure "Part 2 of the Birds and the Bees...Advanced lessons in respecting a girl because if I find out you have disrespected a daughter of God...Aye, Aye, Aye."

Do you like the title of my speech?  Yep...he's totally going to love it!!! Can't wait!!

Well, another year that he has survived the uncertainty of Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.  So happy for milestones!



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