I will never get it

Finally got word back on the iron studies for the kids.  Shelbie will definitely be getting iron transfusions, IV style, Sam is going to try pills (which bugs me a bit) but his studies aren't a whole lot better than Shelbie's and Spencer, who's marrow is also nearly depleted of iron stores had normal  iron studies so he will not get pills or IV transfusion.

How the heck does that work?  I'm at a loss and surprisingly, so is the doctor.  Samuel never complains about having enough energy to do the things he likes to do.  Spencer lately has been dragging around so fatigued and for the past few months, he begs me to do something to give him his energy back.  I was sure that the iron was the problem and explanation for his crummy feelings.  Doesn't look like that is the case at all. 

When I told Spencer last night that he wouldn't be getting iron because he was 'normal' he got pretty upset.  "How can I be normal?  I feel like crap all the time!  This is just great, here I thought maybe life was going to get better for me but this has just been a lousy day!  I'm sick of this."  Then he walked out. 

That hurt. 

Spencer had a bad weekend.  He got sprayed by a skunk a couple of times.  A baby skunk had fallen into the window well at his dad's house so he had to go try to get it out.  Of course, the skunk didn't know he was just trying to rescue him and got pretty mad and puckered up!  I did a lot of laundry yesterday to get the smell out of his clothes. 

We are going home to Canada this week and I really hope everyone can hang in there long enough to get out of here and leave some troubles behind, hopefully leave them behind.  We are going without Shelbie's IVIG and that scares me a lot.  We don't have insurance that covers international hospital trips.  

For today, it's all about survival and trying to understand how the most complicated machine known to man, the human body, can appear to be doing so well on paper in one area while functioning at near 0 in another related area. 


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