A Leap Of Faith

Over the past year, at least, I've been wondering what to do with this blog.  I've spent many a day and too many posts humming and hawing about it all.  The past two years, I feel like I have completely fell apart and there have been many days, I have felt lost and wandering around trying to make sense of all the things! 

In an effort to find some clarity, I decided that I would write down every single thought that popped into my mind no matter what.  It's been an interesting exercise to embark in.  Little by little I felt myself being nudged here and there.  I have had moments of clear thinking that I haven't felt in months, even years. 

So, as I've followed my thoughts along, I came to the place where I had to take a leap or stay stuck.

Two weekends ago, I finally decided to take the leap into the deep end, and buy my own domain name and that led me to designing my very own website!   I can't believe I actually did it!  It has been hours and hours of teaching myself how to do it.  I designed all the graphics and everything.  It's far from finished but I'm really happy with how it's going!

The blog has become my kid in many ways so the thought of letting it go feels sad so that isn't going to happen. I have this bad habit of keeping my life in tiny little compartments where everything becomes disjointed and separate, so in my true form, this will continue to be the place where I post about our day to day, like a journal of sorts, with my little gathering of people.  The dot-com with the same name,  will be a collection of essays and articles on what it's like to live with a rare, chronic illness and essays on grief, trauma, care giving,compassion fatigue and more.   It's not just for people with Dsykeratosis Congenita but any rare or chronic disease or even people experiencing complex trauma.

I've been asked by so many people, for so long to write a book and while it's been my dream, it's felt too big of an undertaking, considering everything I have to accomplish in a day just to stay afloat.  Little essays, snapshots of life, seems more manageable.  Things are becoming much more complicated for me and my kids.  Working the job I do is taking a toll.  After a lot of thought, I decided to monetize my writing but as I said, I'm so protective of this place, it's my quiet place, my sacred place...my blog.   I couldn't come to terms with a bunch of advertising on this platform, muddying up the place...another reason I started a new domain.

It's not going to be easy and will take a lot of time I suspect to grow my following organically on my Dot Com.  Keeping it here would have made me instant money because I have an established readership but, I guess I'm use to doing things the hard way.

So...feel free to visit me at the new place www.stoneswithfaircolors.com  but I would love it if you stuck around here too!  As my official website grows, I hope to open up some time for mentoring care givers who are experiencing trauma or fatigue and offer them tools to get them through.  I have always wanted to 'suffer well' and I feel like helping someone else to feel like they have an edge to lean upon, feels so good!  If you want, cross your fingers, say a prayer, call for some Angels because I really hope this becomes what I feel it has the potential to be!   And, don't leave...I'll still be here a lot! 


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