27 Years

Nobody prepares you for the fact that your children become adults and keep having birthdays!  Yikes...Shelbie turned 27 yesterday!  It's such a weird feeling to have kids this old.

Shelbie's birthday falls on the same day, every year as the Perseid Meteor Showers.   It has become a tradition to go to McDonald's at midnight, grab some food and head out to the country, sit on the edge of a dirt road and watch the meteor shower.  We usually stay until we see as many meteors as Shelbie's age!  It's a fun little tradition. 

It was a low key day.  I was gone all morning for appointments and meetings and had to get work done in the afternoon.  Shelbie slept most of the day.  Anymore, she has to conserve her energy for events such as this.  We grabbed her best friend and her husband, Sam and his girlfriend and our neighbor, whose parents were out of town, and headed to the city for dinner. 

We topped off the day with a fire in the backyard and Celebration Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

It was a fun evening and I love seeing Shelbie happy and able to do at least this much.  It's been a rough few weeks for her but she made it through her special day!

Cassidy, Sam, Bennett, Shelbie, Kristy, Brenden

I love this spontaneous laughter.  They've been such good friends! 


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