Pursuits of Happy

This weekend, Spence has been in Oregon shooting a music video for the punk rock band Roseburg.

Spencer has been sick for the better part of 12 weeks...since he was in Mexico.  He came home sick and has been struggling to stay on his feet ever since but, in true Spencer fashion, he refuses to slow down.  Of course, the logical thing to do is take a road trip to the Oregon Coast. 

He and the band arrived at 2 in the morning.  They slept for 3 hours and made their way down to the beach to film as the sun was rising.  Since Spencer has been a young adult, he has developed this fascination for the sunrise.  He loves the morning fog, the way it teases the morning light.  I think there is something in the way the light creeps in and before you know it, and almost all at once, the world floods with light.

I talk to him every day, not because I can't let him go but because I love to witness his life.  I'm so smitten with my kids and fascinated at the way they pursue their happiness.  Sometimes, I think he is like the sunrise...his life can often be hiding in moments that are the darkest, just before dawn. Nothing makes sense and he fumbles along but then all at once the light wins and his pursuits in happy and purpose, throw the shadows as they stand as big as the light.

I stole this picture from his Instagram Story.  I love this.  I love to see him working, pursuing the passions that light up his life.  It might be my favorite picture of him. It's just him on this photo shoot.  There is no team of photographers, videographers, light or sound guys...it's just him.  This is Spencer in his happy place.

 A picture he took of the Oregon beach, just as the sun nudged its way through the morning fog.



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