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Adulting is hard!

I can see why it should only be attempted by grownups!

All graduating seniors should get a life packet called..."So you want to be an adult!" I would have enjoyed something like that.  It would have been nice if they also included a few parting gifts from the magical world of 'blame it on others.'  I'm not sure what those gifts would be, maybe some Rocky Road candy bars with a chaser of Mountain Dew because really, it's not all bad.  Sometimes, life is like the dewy hills on green mountain with little streams chasing rainbows.  I think a soundtrack for life would be nice...a collection of songs to ease you into adulthood...

Don't Worry Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin
It's a Hard Knock Life- Annie
I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
If You're Going Through Hell-Rodney Atkins
Only the Lonely-Roy Orbison
It's Not Easy Being Green- Kermit...because sometimes you get sick. get it gist. Today has been a really, crappy day and I'd rather not talk about it, so this humor is my attempt to convince myself that everything is fine!!!

So, now my point...

I bought this...on the weekend because I have a neighbor problem.  Just kidding.  I have a weed problem but I partly blame my neighbors for ignoring their weed patch at the back of their yard.  I bet I stood in Walmart on Saturday for 45 minutes trying to decide which product to buy.  There was a married couple beside me arguing about weed killers and it made me sooooo glad, I just get to argue with myself.  I think I got distracted by the joy I felt knowing that wasn't me...that I thought I was buying a product called, "Spray this everywhere and it will magically only kill the weeds and leave everything else beautiful and green!"

So, that's what I did!  Sprayed it everywhere!  Boy, it says it works in like 3 hours and it sure does! My backyard is now perfectly dead!!

Thanks to my friend Gnorm for posing with the product.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know he's my weekend pal.  We have our Friday/Saturday night bonfires in the backyard together.  We catch up on what we did, relax and he's always happy and never talks smack to me...unlike the married couple in the weed aisle at Walmart.

In my defense, despite looking like the picture of health, I have an abscess in my ear.  The ear with all the prosthetic bones and it is not fun when titanium gets infected.  I went to the doctor three months ago because I have been getting worse but he said until I had my diet, sleep, and stress under control, he wouldn't treat me...

I drove North to a town I have never been to and saw a doctor yesterday...too bad no one listened to me 3 months ago.  Now, it's a mad dash to stop the infection before it hits what little brain matter I have left.  Worst of all...I had to start Prednisone!  That is an evil, evil drug.  It makes you think that the world is running out of food...but then, I am taking some huge doses of antibiotics that make me think I'm dying from nausea alone.  So, it's Diet Coke for the win!  I had that for breakfast and we are having it for dinner.

Now, excuse me, someone wants seconds so I'm off to crack another 2 liter!!  And remember, most weed killers really aren't magical!



  1. Oh, no!!! I'm making an angry face and your doctor, for all the good it does... What a punk!!!!


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