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Amazing Grace

The past few days have amazed me in a variety of ways.

I know I've used the IRS as my fodder for sarcasm and teased about my friendship with 'Greta' from the IRS.  Honestly, I was only half joking.  She really has been a person I wish I could meet.  I'm sure not many people can say they would like to go out of their way to meet anyone from the IRS but I really would.  She has been patient and kind.  As it turns out, my Offer in Compromise from 2014 was approved! It wasn't approved by Greta but I like to think she was on my side.

The Government has placed a lien on my house and I still have to pay $2000 but they are giving me two years to pay that off so I will manage that.  It's way better than $8000 from 2014 and another $8000 in penalties.

 I shed a few tears in relief.  I'm so glad I listened to the Spirit and treated Greta with kindness because I know that made all the difference, as well as a lot of Heavenly help and some extra faith I tried to muster.  Cruelty to one another is cheap and gets us nowhere.  It's been one of the most valuable lessons I have learned this year.

My dear Shelbie has also amazed me.  She has found this renewed hope in life.  I'm so proud of her.  She is doing her best to move forward in life.  There are struggles every single day.  She battles continual pain and fatigue but she is in great spirits.  I sit in awe of her tenacity.   Today, she even went on a job interview to be a product photographer.  Upon arriving home from the 1 1/2 hour interview, she collapsed and may have realized that it won't be something she will be able to do if chosen but I admire her for trying.

Before we knew what we were facing, the conversation came up about what would happen if she had metastasized cancer.  I asked her if she would try treatment anyways even though it would probably only make her feel worse and steal the last bit of quality to her life.

She said, "I promised I would endure to the end.  Not doing treatment would feel like giving up to me.  I would do everything I could to live."

I think she is doing that very thing.  I'm certain no one but me sees the strength it takes for that young woman to live.  We are nearly a week past due her plasma transfusion and she is wilting fast.  I pray that insurance will approve her weekly transfusions soon.

My boys were my saving grace this weekend.  I really just wanted to give up last week after some hard things that happened with work.  Saturday evening, they 'forced' me to take a 4 wheel ride with them at their dad's house.  I hate that kind of thing but they love it.  As you well know, they also like to tease me. I hope they will remember me as a mom who was a good sport!  Honestly, I loved being with them doing something they love.  I didn't even mind when they accelerated so fast I thought I would fly off the back!  The boys are working as hard as Shelbie to be happy and suck the joy out of every moment even when it seems there is no joy to be had.

All in all, the kids are fairing well.  I'm proud of each of them.  I'm going to catch up on pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Spencer and Sam at Snowbird.  Spencer was teaching Sam to ski the first time. 

Sam on his first run! 

A beautiful view of the Salt Lake Temple

Sam, taking a little break from shopping with the girls...His little pains continue.

Spring has sprung in Salt Lake

Sam asked the cutest girl to Prom!  She is a doll!  She has the sweetest personality and I'm excited for them.  Prom will be on Sam's 18th birthday!

Shelbie received this awesome care package from the Shwachman Diamond Syndrome Foundation.  We are no longer officially  part of this great organization with our Dyskeratosis Congenita diagnosis so I was really humbled when she received this.  They are amazing people! I'm glad they have continued to let us be a part of their 'family'.

Spencer and Sam on their way to church

Spencer taking me on a hair raising ride on the four wheeler



  1. I am amazed by you, by Shelbie, by your sons...


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