Birthday Fun

Tuesday was another milestone of life...My birthday.   I feel so old.  On my birthday, I had a blocked Lacrimal duct in my eye...results of age the doctor said, picked up my new Bi-focals, and wrapped my arthritic hands!  It's so much fun getting older!  Haha...

Even though the day was full of work and testing for the kids, we had a great time.

We started celebrating at 1:00am on Tuesday morning!

I was still up in my office working and Shelbie and Sam, who I thought were asleep, came bounding up the stairs singing Happy Birthday!  They surprised me with an very early morning breakfast at McDonalds!   We piled in the car in our pajamas and headed to the drive thru.  We brought the food home and since we didn't have any candles, they put a match in my cheeseburger!

Here's a short little video!  I had a hat on because I had showered earlier and put a coconut oil treatment in my hair so it wasn't looking awesome but I generally don't wear hats to bed...just to clarify!

We arrived in the city pretty early for our tests so we had a quick lunch and then stopped at the mall.  The kids wanted to show me these new animal/scooters at the mall.  They looked so fun so we rented three for 15 minutes.  Just long enough to make total fools of ourselves but we had a great time.  We laughed so hard! We also entertained all the conservative people at the mall too who enjoyed laughing along with us.

It was a fun day!  It was just great doing something crazy and silly with my kids.  Of course, we missed Spencer a lot, this would have been right up his alley! 

So another year older...not wiser, just older



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