A Bit of Everything

You know when I don't post for a week or so, things are okay or at least status quo.   I hate to say how much I love the break from health problems because whenever I mention how quiet things are, you know what hits the fan and I end up eating my words.  I would rather not nosh on that!

All in all, I can't complain.  We have had the usual issues like daily nausea, extreme fatigue and Shelbie is fighting an eye infection and cold.  Not fun but the infusion is coming soon so that will help.   Spencer's petechiae has cleared up and were able to avoid a big infection with the help of fast acting antibiotics.  He is still trying to think of a Wish and the deadline is ticking for him to decide.  I think the wish granters will be coming by in a couple of weeks.  We decided to wait until after the holidays and one of our sweet wish granters had surgery yesterday so I thought we should let her recuperate before getting to work on behalf of Spencer.

We started this year with a positive event that I'm not sure I mentioned.  Shelbie was awarded Social Security Disability.  We got the call the day before Christmas Eve and it flooded me with mixed emotions.  I felt like a huge burden had been lifted.  I was anticipating having to pay for this upcoming infusion with pennies from Heaven...(I guess we are actually because it is nothing short of a miracle that she was approved so fast.0  I have to pay private insurance because I don't have a job and so I can only afford a policy with a huge deductible...to the tune of $11,000.  That would take me years to pay off but I would have done anything to make sure she got her treatment.

It's almost unheard of for someone to get approved in just two months from the time I applied.  After the relief washed over me, I felt sad that there was no question that she is disabled enough that she can't support herself.  I never wanted this for my kids.  I asked the case worker how this happened so fast.  He said, "Well, your paperwork was thorough and all of the her doctors confirmed the information you gave us.   There was no question she is a very sick girl."  Blech... that's never a fun thing to hear. 

For now, we are enjoying a little reprieve, all things considered. 


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