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Land of the free, home of the brave

This week, Sam had to renew his license and register for The Draft.  We are a little late, obviously, like a month late.  Each time we went, the line up was out the door and I didn't pack snacks and games and we hadn't allotted an entire afternoon to waiting around the DMV so we left.

However, since Sam really needs a fishing license and you can't get one with an expired driver's license, it became a more pressing matter. Yes, that's is far more important than getting pulled over and having an expired license.  Fishing is more important than just about anything some times...apparently...even though we don't eat fish.  We don't like to touch fish and it's heartbreaking to watch a fish die. And...what's the deal with having to be a licensed driver in order to fish? What's that about?  According to Walmart, it's more than just a form of ID.  I guess they really want 'quality, responsible citizens with transportation' yanking fish out of a river.  Way to make a stand Walmart! we went to the DMV.  I don't remember doing this with Spencer, I think he just took care of it on his own. It was mostly my debit card that needed to be there with Sam, not necessarily me!  Ya know how that goes when you have adult children who haven't quite established the adulting vision in their minds yet?

So, we waited and waited and were totally amused by the impatient mother trying to bribe other patrons into letting them move ahead because her daughter's learners permit was far more important than our need to sign up for the Draft and get a fishing license...or whatever else business people had there.  Some people have lost their sense of priorities.

Anyhow...they finally call our number and we sidle up to the desk and lay out our business . The woman behind the desk says, "So, do you want to register for the draft while you are here?"

"Well, do we have a choice?"  I asked
"Yeah.  You don't have to register if you don't want to." She said.
"Oh really?  Cause I thought that was a mandatory thing."
"No, you don't have to.  You can do it some other time." She said.
"Wow, I guess the rules have changed.  I always thought you just had to no matter what."
"Well, if you choose not to, they will come after you and find you and then you have to pay $250,000 and spend some time in jail.  So, do you want to wait or register now?"

That pretty much put an end to our humming and hawing.

"Well, since you put it that way, I guess we may as well just register now.  I had sort of ear marked my extra $250,000 laying under my mattress for reupholstering my chesterfield.  Thanks for helping me decide."

Sam and I both left rolling our eyes.  Do they really think Americans are that dumb to not see past their smoke and mirrors of freedom?  Maybe we shouldn't dwell on that question... Apparently, given the candidates we have to choose from for the upcoming election, Americans would rather pretend they are best country in the world with all the freedom they could ever want, than admit they are being completely controlled by a bunch a lying, bloated egos.  Like the Wizard in Oz.  The government calls all the shots and like a bunch of oompa loompas we follow along because we are just the little people.

It was funny but at the same time infuriating.  Got me thinking about all the other ways we think we are free but we aren't.  The stupid Obamacare...We've all discovered that didn't get to keep the insurance you liked but more than that, at least in our case, Obama told me that between the 4 of us, we have to have 3 different policies!  That's right.  Three completely different insurances for the 4 of us.  I have to keep track of insurance rules, deductibles etc...times 3!  Ridiculous.

Well, that's all for my freedom of speech tonight...The moral of this story, is that Sam can now go fishing and I didn't have to spend my nest egg or any time in jail...though, I'm still thinking jail wouldn't be so bad.  A little solitary confinement with a good book and crust of bread sounds like a vacation to me! And...I don't mind the color orange, it's the new black I hear!

How are you basking in your freedom?



  1. Thinking of the election makes me a bit ill...

  2. Well said, as always. I love your combination of truth and chuckles!


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