Happy Father's Day

I'm a lucky girl to have a great dad to honor today.   I wish I could have spent the day with my parents but that doesn't happen very often because of the miles that divide us.  But, I am remembering all the great things that make my dad awesome.

Last summer at Lake Coeur D'Alene

A little day trip to Jackson Hole last Spring.
I remember every Christmas, my dad would make his traditional shortbread cookies.  I stand beside him and watch him bake away.  Now, every Christmas, I make the same recipe of shortbread.  The funny thing is, I don't even like shortbread.  I never ate one of those cookies and still never eat a shortbread cookie.  I just liked that I was spending time with my dad. 

We often had kitchen adventures.  One night, we wanted to try making sweet and sour sauce, or maybe it was teriyaki sauce.  Neither one of us had a clue what we were doing and when the sauce didn't seem to be getting thick, we added a little corn starch.  And then a little more.  I think we thought it was going to instantly thicken up.  Turns out it finally got thick...thicker than wallpaper paste!  Thick and disgusting.  We still laugh about that.

My dad was always making up games and songs and stories.  He was the dad that everyone wanted to be around.  I remember when I was 17, my dad suggested that I have a New Year's party.  I didn't have any friends but apparently he thought I did.  I started spreading the word that people could stop by my house for a party.  So many people came.  To this day, I think they just came to party to be with my dad.  Everyone loves my dad.  In fact, I ended up going to bed while everyone stayed to play pool and games with my dad!

He is kind and caring and always had something to give to those less fortunate.  He is always full of adventure and it's something my kids love about him.  He is a good sport.  Just last month, Sam was going through video's on his phone and found an old one of my dad.  On a visit quite a few years ago, Sam suggested he play an Xbox game with him.  The game was Wipeout and you had to get through an obstacle course but rather than play with a joystick, you actually had to put your body through the motions of getting through the obstacles.  It was funny.  When Sam pulled up that video, we had a good laugh, as if it was just yesterday.

From my dad, I learned to budget money, live frugally, give to others, approach life with a sense of humor, and good fun.  I remember the quiet times we spent in the early morning hours in front of their bedroom fireplace while we read the scriptures.  Now when my dad visits, I appreciate our talks about Christ and the gospel.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!  Love ya!



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