Blessings in Disguise

This is what a blessing looks like...

A garage full of wet, musty, moldy, rotten, rusty nails, wood and sheetrock. 

Could you tell?  
Ya, me neither!   To me it looks an awful lot like that wood was soaked with my salty tears as this project took on a life of its own!

Believe it or not...This picture is a blessing...

That white fuzzy stuff...mold.  Corroded screws and a brand new, never been used wax ring!!

 And this the way... the water is completely off!  A bad valve keeps me emptying this 5 gallon bucket twice a day despite the water being off.

 Here's another blessing! Blessings, blessings everywhere!! Mold behind the baseboards...

 I have more blessings than I can possibly handle!   Thank goodness I have a 72 hour kit just chock full of plastic tarp and duct tape! Saved me a trip to Walmart at midnight and a few bucks!   My whole upstairs looks like a scary lab with some particulate about to take over the world.

 A little Youtube tutoring paying off!  I feel the need to send all these men who post videos on how to fix things, a Father's Day card!  I couldn't get by in my poverty without them!  What a blessing they are too!  They just don't know it!

This is a picture after the first quarter inch layer of sub floor came up.  Thankfully, some good friends came by for an hour or so to help me get that top layer off.  Once I got it started, it came up pretty good.  I was really glad for their help, mostly because I finally stopped crying when they were there. It felt good to not be on the verge of tears for a few minutes...I have enough wayward water to deal with!  Even my Wasband stopped by to help us with the last little bit of cutting the sheetrock out before we had to stop.

The Wasband was able to help make a few cuts to get me started on the main subfloor before he had to leave.  That subfloor sucked!!  It was such thick wafer board and they used 9 million nails and staples.  I think whoever installed this floor must have been blind.  They were just shooting nails and staples in willy nilly and they used no glue whatsoever! The nails were every 1/2"  into the joist. It was a pain.  I think I was praying every few minutes because it just wasn't coming up.  After that it just sort of clicked.  It wasn't easy but I did it!!  I felt so accomplished.  See what a little poverty does to a person?  It makes you smart!

 Just before I got the last little bit up around the toilet drain, the contractor who was suppose to come at 8am, showed up.  He cut around the drain for me which was a blessing because I didn't have a saw to get close enough. He was gone in 5 minutes.

Those floor joists you see there are quite wet and mold was growing between the sub floor and the top of the joists.  Mold was growing up the studs, in some areas as high as 6 inches.  But...there was NO mold on the sheet rock of the kitchen ceiling!!  Therein lies the real blessing.

All of  this is a blessing because if it had of gone on like this for another week or two, I would have lost my kitchen ceiling and all those joists!  When I first got divorced and started my business, I worked with a woman who had to have every single stud in her house replaced because of mold.

Even still...I'm left wondering why God always has to teach me things in the hardest way possible? I'm not entirely amused but he did give me some fierce strength and unusual brain power to figure out how to tackle this project and get it done as fast as I did.

I think I'll write a self help book called, "Everything I needed to know I learned from being poor."  I literally am so low on funds that putting this through insurance is not even possible.  I don't even have enough to cover the deductible, plus I couldn't get any co operation out of them.  I can't really afford to hire professionals.  I had tried to work out a trade but that wasn't working out so that leaves one person to do it and that's me.  All 100 pounds of tough, hard core, stubborn, angry, gritty me!

My plan is to vacuum up all the sawdust tomorrow and then scrub all the wood down with a solution of bleach and borax with a wire brush to kill what mold I can.  Almost all of it is gone but there is some on the studs and the sole plate and joists. I will also scrub down the wet joists to kill anything starting.  I will let that air dry for a week or so and then paint several coats of a mold blocker primer over everything! I had to pull up Sam's carpet and the hall carpet to let that dry.  I think it will be fine since the carpet hadn't started to delaminate yet from the backing!

While I wait on that, I will have an electrician inspect what is happening with my kitchen lights feeling like they keep shorting out.  I will replace all the plumbing valves...I watched a YouTube video on that...but I will hire a plumber to replace the toilet drain, one sans mold, and set the toilet correctly.  I will watch closely and take copious notes so that I can re set the other two toilets in my house.  I'm guessing they too were installed wrong!

When all that is done, I will re install a new subfloor, some backerboard and new tile!  I will saw off the bottom of the vanity, add a new bottom, some new legs, fresh paint and Viola!  Bathroom done...and if it all goes well, it will be done in time for Christmas!!

Ugh...Oh well.  It can always be worse.  Just will get worse!  Sorry...that's my bad attitude surfacing again but let's be realistic...I kind of have bad luck!

I'm pretty sure I won't be moving tomorrow.  Tonight, I am covered in hives from my neck on down!  I think I'm allergic to work like this!



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