Sticks and Stones....

May break your bones and so can snowboarding...BUT...not this time!  Whew!! I almost hugged the doctor when he came in and said the xrays looked okay!  What a relief!  I almost hugged him again when he told Spencer he couldn't snowboard the rest of the season...but then he laughed and he and Spencer did a high five!  They love to tease me...

His back is not without problems and he will have to start physical therapy with ultrasound and all that jazz.  Lucky for us, they had a 4th year DO student in the office whose forte was adjustments and muscle energy.  He came in and worked on Spencer for quite awhile. I really liked him, smart kid! (Wow, I just showed my age by calling a 30 something person a kid! yikes!)

I kept him home from school today so I could keep him steady on the anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers.  He slept the biggest part of the day which was good for him.  Some day, he'll learn that dropping 20' cliffs on a snowboard is not normal...okay, to me, it's not normal!  To him, it's the best part of life!

The reason I get sort of uptight about his hobbies such as snowboarding, is because he has osteopenia which is the step just before osteoporosis.  He also has scoliosis so I really wish he would be kinder to his spine.   He doesn't absorb Vitamin D or Calcium very well among other things and has to be supplemented with a lot, just to maintain a normal balance.  So for now, I am loving the good news.


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