Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy started this week for Spencer.  He's got some pretty messed up joints in his back and shoulder but already, after just three sessions, he is feeling better.  They start out with some ultrasound and then do some light therapy on him.  They tell me the light therapy is meant to repair the mitochondrial within the muscle.  Interesting, since the weakened mitochondrial is a big problem for Spence.  I wanted to get some pictures of it but it's such a powerful light, everyone in the room has to wear some funky, dark glasses so we don't burn our eyes like you do when you have sun staring contests!
I'm not sure how long he will do physical therapy, I know we are on the schedule for a couple of weeks right now.  I guess it will depend on his recovery rate.  With the strength training, and massage to go along with everything else, I'm sure he will be back on the slopes in no time. 

He has missed a couple of days of school this week due to continuing problems with fatigue and nausea.  I have tried everything I can think of to get him some relief with those symptoms but nothing is working.  It's so frustrating.  



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