Monday, July 10, 2017

The Butter Patch

Related imageIt's almost a Sunday night tradition that Sam and I go long boarding.  I love long boarding more than I ever thought I would, and odd, it's true for someone of my mid-century age.  There is one part on our path that Sam calls the Butter Patch.  It's in the middle of the road and the asphalt is super smooth and almost slick, no rocks!

Every time we approach the area, Sam hollers back to me..."MOM!! The butter patch!  Hit it!"
Each time, I chicken out.  It's in the middle of the road and I have yet to build some confidence in my long boarding skills and ability to zip around.  The way my luck has been going, I'd meet the front end of a garbage truck.

But, last Sunday, I did it!  I hit the butter patch and Sam was's a sweet spot for sure.

I've been thinking about the butter patch this past week.

I know to those reading the blog, it doesn't seem like we ever enjoy a 'butter patch'; smooth sailing in life, but we do.  The past few months have been a butter patch of sorts.  Sometimes, I have to use my creative mind to really see that but really, it has been so much worse before.  Then again, sometimes, the butter patch is just that...being grateful it isn't as bad as it has been.

As we head into this week, that is on the other side of the butter patch,  I hope I can remember these sweet spots of life...

We start our old habits of weekly commutes to Salt Lake.

Sam came to me on Saturday, pretty concerned about his latest symptoms.  Sam is my kid that is pretty attuned to his body.  He has been having continual issues of dizziness whenever he moves his head.  My first worry is that he is building up cerebral spinal fluid due to his Chiari Malformation.  I've been taking the 'wait and see' approach but on Saturday, he asked if he could see the doctor about it.  When Sam actually asks to see a doctor, it's a big deal.

Shelbie sent me pictures from California of her bad leg.  I wanted her to go to the ER but that didn't work out.  I picked her up yesterday in Salt Lake and it is pretty bad.  This morning, when she woke up, she found a couple of large lumps in her calf.  I'm pretty sure it isn't a blood clot but there is definitely a blockage in her lymphatic system.  It could be anything.

My two biggest concerns are heart and the myriad of granulomas that are all twisted up in her organs.  One could be growing and putting pressure on the vessels that carry lymph fluid.  She is really itchy too, probably because the lymph fluid is just sitting in her leg.  It's a mess.

And then there is Spencer.  His feet are so bad.  He walks like a 90 year old.  He is in so much pain yet he refuses to stop and try to let them heal.  In fact, he is in Utah with friends but today he actually had a working job interview with a big video editor.  He helped do a video shoot for James the Mormon.  After 10 hours on his feet, he had to excuse himself.  I don't even want to talk about his heart...I just wish they would stop this nonsense of monitoring and put a stupid pace maker or defibrillator in  once and for all.  At first, it seemed like the Loop Recorder would bring some peace and assure us that things were okay.  All it really does it keep us on the edge of our seat.

So, this week, we start with Neuroimmunology and Shelbie.  I am hoping that she will consent to taking on Sam as well.  I really want to seriously consider getting him ready for the brain malformation revision.  I always have the highest hopes so it's with caution I let that thought go very far.

Here we go!  I really hope that somewhere along the line, we can hit our coveted Butter Patch and just for a day, or even an hour, sail on through.


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