Friday, July 7, 2017

So this is what breathing feels like...

 This is where I got to work this afternoon...Technically, this is where I escaped to after I was done my work in Island Park.  This is Elk Lake in Lima, Montana.  Tucked away in a little forgotten corner of the Red Rock Mountains.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to spend the day with our good friends who were having a family reunion there.They reserve the entire place, a cabin for each family unit and gourmet breakfasts and dinners, canoes, paddle boards, toys and a chain of beautiful lakes for fishing and floating.  I couldn't be there all day but a couple of hours late this afternoon was the perfect teaser before I had to make the long drive home to start my evening job.

When I arrived, everyone was gone on some activities up in the mountains so I made myself comfortable on this dock with my new favorite book.  There is no cell service for miles.  No technology.  No distractions at the tip of your fingers...just this!  Just pure mountain air, with nothing but the birds to keep you company!  It was beautiful and it was a stolen moment in Heaven.

As the sun became a little too warm, I headed to the main cabin, nestled into a rocker on the shady porch and just rocked.  And, there I sat, all alone with this view staring back at me!

Eventually, my friends came back to the cabins and it was so good to see them.  They are my parent's ages and their children are so great!  I don't see their kids very often but we always seem to have a great laugh and enjoy one another's company when we do get together. They are salt of the earth kind of people and an amazing blessing to the kids and I. We met Neil and Kerma at the hospital two years ago but it's like we've known them forever! 

We sat on the porch, together and rocked.  We talked.  We laughed.  We drank Diet Coke out of frosty mugs!  We watched the clouds roll in, the rain come down and birds busy themselves with important things that birds do and there was absolutely nothing for me to do, nothing for me to be, nothing for me to fix, nothing for me to say, nothing for me to run from.  Just nothing for me to do but breathe.

Oh, how I love breathing.  I sometimes forget to do that.  I always forget how much I love doing the simple breathing. 

It feels like miles and miles away from civilization.  You are literally alone in this vast space of God's creation.  As I waved goodbye I felt this place tugging on me to stay.  Something about it.  I love being in places that are bigger than me.  Bigger than my world that so often feels overwhelming and spills out all over the place though I try so hard to keep it contained.

This was my drive home...a dirt road for miles and nothing but all this as far as your eye can see.  

I opened my window and let the mountain air fill my car. 

I met some new friends, even stopped to say hi.  She seemed happy to see I wasn't completely alone.  I named her Margaret.

I stopped at this little creek.  The smell of sage brush and wild rose chased the breeze that blew in and tickled the daisies. I sat on the banks, set my feet in the cool water and felt the loneliness of such a place without another soul within miles, yet it was consoling at the same time and felt so good.  I could have stayed here all night.  I never have room to think.  I never have time to think.  For a few minutes, I just thought about my life.  You don't really feel the weight of what you carry until you set it down for just a minute.  I set that weight beside me and I let the flood of emotions spill out and into the river carrying the left over mountain winter, to the green edges of summer.  There was so much to be considered in that moment. 

So that was my day.  A good day.  A peaceful day...a day I was reminded what it felt like to breathe.

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