Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wonder Woman...

It's been months of ongoing stress around here...that's nothing new but as a family, we use to be so good at unplugging from the hard times to escape into something resembling fun and not tragic. We haven't done that for a very long time, in fact, I can't really remember the last time.

On Tuesday, Shelbie announced that we needed to go to a movie.
"Like, right now?"  I asked
"Yes, why not?" She said
"Well, it's 11:30 in the morning?" as I said it, I was wondering if that was even a valid reason.  Who says you can only watch movies between the hours of 6 and 10 at night?  "I have a major interview tomorrow and presentation?  I should stay focused?"  I had all these reasons that I was trying to coax my head into believing and they weren't working.  "Ya know, that's a good idea, let's go!"

Really, it was the best decision.  I use to be spontaneous with the kids but then life happened, and kept happening.  It was kind of fun to be sitting in an empty theater, at noon, on a Tuesday.  The movie the kids had selected was Wonder Woman.

I am not at all into comic people, super heroes, science fiction, good guy bad guy, beat em up kind of movies.  I'm really into movies about crazy people who defy the odds, rise above their crazy, something riveting like that.  I think the reason I don't like those kind of movies is because Hollywood had to go complicate things because now, they are all friends.  Like Batman or Bruce Wayne or whoever he is, is friends with Wonder Woman...when did that happen.  Other than Robin, I thought he just worked on his own? Now, they are all getting into each other's story line and I don't know, do the DC comic guys like the Marvel guys or are they enemies or have they never met?'s too complicated.

My point is...I wasn't thrilled to be seeing Wonder Woman but I was happy to be spending time away from work and with my kids!  But honestly, it was an amazing movie!  I love that she was portrayed as a gentle, woman, full of compassion and love yet had a strong sense of purpose, meaning and leadership.  So many women today are feminists but they are crude and disgusting and rude and just want to start a fight over nothing and they do it in the name of womanhood which is so offensive to me.

Spoiler Alert... (Not really...)

There was one part in the movie when she looks around the scenes of WWII, on the front lines, in a bunker with dying women and children and the men are hopeless and wounded and full of despair and women are mourning and crying and it's this overwhelming scene of suffering and she is moved with compassion. She jumps out of the bunker and straight into enemy lines and of course they open fire on her.  The film pans out and from above she is in the middle of a war between good and evil and she is shielding the bullets and it sends chills up your spine.  And actually, I think we were all a little teary eyed. It was such a clear image of how I feel most days.  It's hard work raising yourself or a family in this world.  Everyday, I do everything I can to shield my family from the horrors of the world and sometimes, we have to do it alone. And we aren't Wonder Woman...or are we?

It was so overpowering.  It reminded me of the true purpose of women.  God needs strong women.  He needs strong women who know their purpose and their worth.  Before this point in the movie, Wonder Woman didn't know what powers she possessed until this very moment.  So it is with us...we often don't realize the strength and power within us to change the world, even if it is just our little corner of the world, or a family, or a child, or ourselves!  Everyday, we shield the people we love from the evils of the world.  We serve willingly and tirelessly because it is in our very nature to care and nurture.

The men who were with Wonder Women were so incredibly respectful of her power and they worked together, each in their own strength, not threatened by each other.  It was the most powerful message and for the first time in a long time, Hollywood did something good with their talent.  Finally a message about women that made sense to me.  She was so gracious and compassionate.  I was really surprised that I like the movie so much.

You should go see it, my rambling didn't spoil anything for you, trust me!  And, bonus if you like Wonder Woman to start with.  Oh, I will say this, I was pretty bummed I didn't get to see her spin around and go from a pant suit to her swimming suit with glitter.

Just a reminder...we all have wonder within us.


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