Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's Up?

Oh can tell already this is not going to be a post about how bored we are!

Someday, maybe you'll hear that but life has been a whirlwind of events.

Last night we had another trip to the ER with Shelbie.  She has had a swollen leg for a couple of weeks and sores have broken out and just weep all day, through her pants even.  I've been moderately concerned but that worry escalated over the past few days as her blood pressure dropped to extremely low levels...95/40.  The side effects of a very low blood pressure got out of hand last night and when she had a hard time making sentences and slurring words was more her rhythm, I decided to take her in to the ER.

It's never easy for us to go there.  It's always hard to rehash the history, over and over.  It would be easy if she had something like cancer...everyone knows that.  Instead, when they ask for a history, it ends up being a monologue and not a funny one.  Although, it can be.  It all depends on my mood I guess.  Just when they think I'm done talking, they interrupt with a courteous "I'll let the doctor know." but I start in with the second verse of things they've never heard before...There are several awkward moments and they just want me to shut up and I just want to be heard so they understand the weight of the situation.  Without all the back story and details of how each organ is failing, they think we had nothing better to do with a headache than show it off in a $200/hour room!  Meanwhile, the woman they brought in on a stretcher next door is 69 with chest pain and she fills the ER with importance but we...just have some low blood pressure.  It's frustrating.

Anyways...not sure what is going on but it doesn't look like she has congestive heart failure which was my concern because of the lymphedema in her leg and low pressure.  Cardiac enzymes and EKG looked good, at least initially.  It seems that this is her vasculitis and malfunctioning autonomic nervous system creating heart arrhythmia.  It was an exhausting night. Tonight, she is sort of improving, if I use my imagination.

Out of the blue this afternoon, Spencer got a call from a kid in Utah who invited him to help video some things in Las Vegas for Wayne Newton!  Yes, THE Wayne Newton...the guy that owns the car wash there on the Strip!  Just kidding...the Wayne Newton who put Vegas on the Strip! (it sounded better in my head)  They will also be shooting video for Ferrari, and some other fast cars.  And get this...He will be staying at Wayne Newton's house!  This kid is around Spencer's age and owns a videography business...he sort of fell into it. Spencer has been trying to connect with people to mentor him so this call was a miracle!  Within an hour, he was out the door and will be in Vegas tomorrow.  

I haven't seen much of Sam this week.  Only three more weeks of school and he will be moving home.  Right now, his bedroom is in parts and pieces.  I started re-doing his bed and then lost my interest.  Oh well, you have to pick your battles right?

Lots going on around here.


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